With ili and innez from Paper, SciZzZors, Glue!! (Thursdays 7 – 8pm).



  Paper, SciZzZors, Glue presenters Ili and Innez sent the call out to crafty Brisbanites and DIY denizens to join them at the transit lounge for a night of zine creation September 16th. Their Thursday night show celebrates radical art and the DIY aesthetic so their workshop provided the opportunity for zinesters to come together and create.


The Transit Lounge provided an excellent space for the activity. Low key tunes and projected video game art set the atmosphere for a relaxed and permissive evening. People were able to sprawl on the floor, set up at desks or intensely work on the computers in collective activity.


The workshop had an organic program which catered to people arriving in their own time. Participants were invited to assemble pages for a collaborative zine or they could work on a personal project. At the conclusion of the session a bumper inaugural edition of 30 pages was produced, to be distributed through 4ZzZ.


Zines are independently authored, self-published magazines that cover a range of topics and styles. You can find local examples at places like Rockinghorse Records or Butterbeats. They vary in significantly in content and appearance but your archetypal zine is probably about 8-10 pages, photocopied and contains some cut and paste content.


For those new to zines, or zinesters wanting some company, the workshop was a simple introduction that allowed all skill levels to participate and produce a complete zine at the end. Added perks were tasty snacks and a lucky door prize of a recycled bicycle from Bicycle Revolution.


If you are interested in participating in future workshops then email Paper, SciZzZors, Glue at


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