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Who doesn’t love the occasional shameless plug?

October 16, 2008

I strongly recommend the upcoming multi arts event ‘Chrysalis’ happening at the Zoo on Thursday 23 October, and not just because it’s a 4ZZZ fundraiser! (more…)


The art of boules

October 16, 2008
The 'cancer scab'

The cancer peel...

 I am fantastic at Boules. QUT postgraduates, my old newswriting lecturer and my mum showed me this. And to think all I was supposed to be doing that afternoon was serving tea and coffee. (more…)

And while I’m thinking Festivals, Let’s talk Carbon Offsetting.

October 13, 2008

Major music festivals are now offering patrons the option of carbon offsetting their tickets.

Splendour in the Grass and Big Day Out are two major festivals which have embraced the trend, asking patrons to pay an extra $7 and $1.34 respectively to offset their festival experience.

However they both take different approaches to offsetting. (more…)

Sounds of Spring Run Down!

October 12, 2008



Editors note: We kinda forgot to organise a photographer (So sue us, we’re new to this whole blog thing…). So instead, the author decided to illustrate the article herself. Rock on Kathleen, Rock on. (more…)

Tour de Bris

October 8, 2008
The French Way

The French Way

I recently became the proud owner of a beautifully rusty second hand bike.

Although this bike has seen better days, the nice high handle bars and old comfy seat match relatively well with my extreme lack of sporting prowess.

With petrol prices rising and everyone jumping on the environmental bandwagon, I decided cycling was the next logical step in my attempts to reduce my carbon footprint whilst saving a bit of cash.

Taking old Rusty (as I have affectionately named her) out for a spin, was more trouble then I anticipated.


Artist Profile: Ryan Preece

October 8, 2008


Ryan Preece is a practicing Brisbane artist. His latest work is being shown in a Kiln Gallery show titled “The Illustrators” from 3rd October – 26th October


Review – Davey Spicer & The Creatures Of Habit – Tides & Caves

October 7, 2008

Local band Davey Spicer and The Creatures of Habit have released five very melodic tracks full of funky acoustic guitar and percussion that consists of a djembe drum and cymbals. (more…)