Review – Davey Spicer & The Creatures Of Habit – Tides & Caves


Local band Davey Spicer and The Creatures of Habit have released five very melodic tracks full of funky acoustic guitar and percussion that consists of a djembe drum and cymbals. It’s an effective delivery for their sharp, punchy songs, and opening track ‘Bang Bang Baby Goodbye’ (with its powerful guitar riff) is a perfect example.  

Second track ‘Daydream’ is lovely. It’s catchy, chilled-out, romantic and worth hitting the REPEAT button over. The lyrics are unique and poetic. Somebody play this at my wedding.

 The ballad ‘Soft Out Of Focus,” is very introspective as well. It strips away the percussion and leaves nothing but gently strummed guitar to accompany Spicer’s voice. The pessimistic lyrics and soaring chorus are reminiscent of Radiohead.  

 Things take an angry turn with closing track ‘Credentials.’ “You want a man who puts you first. You want a goddamn f**king slave,” Spicer snarls over tense guitar jabs. It all works. The Creatures of Habit manage to convey a wide range of emotion with instrumentation that’s often quite minimal.

 A decent E.P in every way. Nice cover photography too.

 – Danny.

MySpace: The creatures of habit




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