Island Vibe 2008


Once again the patchouli and dreadlocked crowd converged on Stradbroke Island to celebrate dub and reggae. Crowds have increased since last year but the overall atmosphere was still communal and relaxed. Visually the site was much grander with an ‘artists’ pirate ship installed in the centre of the space and considerable attention paid to decorating the stages. Only the Tiki bar was missing its painted masks (but there was a lot more space this time). An extra stage was added (Chai tent/ Minjerribah Stage) which showcased local music and performers.


On Sunday night the vibe kicked on at the beach once the main stages were shut down at 8.30pm and they carried on into the wee hours. The whales were a benevolent backdrop as they meandered across the coast. 


Highlights: getting two massages at the Byron Massage tent, the chocolate cake stall (delivering mighty slices to eager stoners), the bands Symbiosis, Banawurun and Katchafire, the pirate ship. 

Disappointments: No free CD with early bird tickets, Redlands council fining people who slept in their cars (there could have been better communication with event organisers and attendees). 




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