Swap Meet Party from Outerspace!!


One of the downfalls of living at home is that my mother is constantly nagging me to empty the random crap out of my room. And in classic teenage fashion I consistently refuse. So I’ve found the perfect excuse to ensure she doesn’t think I’ve emptied out the black hole due to her influence – this Friday night’s “Outa sight too much fun Swap Meet Party!!!”
The Radical Radio Collective is inviting the swapping of pretty much anything ranging from art and the usual op-shop paraphernalia to haircuts, tooth-pulling and homemade tats.
Organiser Ili Tulloch says the collective “just wanted a space to swap art, music and cool shit like zines and comics. This was expanded to whatever! We love everything.”
The idea came from the Really, Really Free Market (RRFM) movement which aims to counteract capitalism in a non-reactionary way (for more info on this check out
http://www.crimethinc.com/texts/recentfeatures/reallyreally.php or good ol‘ wikipedia).
“Share and share alike! It’s about inclusivity and solidarity in creative dissent.” says Ili.
“Saying no to capitalism is a creative process, we can do it together.”
These markets aren’t your usual markets though, they generally offer goods and services plus participants can exploit their skills and talents as well as bring unwanted items and food.
So it’s clear you can bring practically ANYTHING – however this ambiguity does leave a lot up in the air. I asked Ili what she intended to bring, to which she replied, “four bands, a whole lot of preparation and a shit load of excited people with shit to swap who like to dance and have fun.”
This doesn’t really clear anything up, but she did make one thing clear.
“Bring something you think someone else will cherish… Or stuff you think people will make stuff out of too.” (Basically, don’t treat it as one massive garbage bin.)
The night’s musical ambience will be aptly tended to by Sydney trash band The Dunhill Blues, mountaineers Run Pig Run, champion Steve Towsend and hip hop geniuses Truth Serum. Also the collective welcomes anyone else who wants to perform on the night.
The important stuff…
When? 7pm Friday 21 November
Where? The Russian Club – 15 Trafalgar Street, Woolloongabba
How much? $7 donation (funds raised go to 4ZzZ)
BYO food and drinks (there is a kitchen if anyone wants to cook – just let them know)
Contact? 0448630521,
Website? http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/event.php?eid=33692153023
Now I’ll leave you with some last motivational words from Ili to get your swap on, empty the house and pillage away…
“”Be born, be silent, consume and die” – We can shatter this cycle if we collectively try AttackAttackAttack fight back.”



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