4ZZZBlog Gig Guide: 26/11/08 – 3/12/08


The first in an ongoing feature, Imogen and Mungo conspire to come up with an off beat guide to events happening around Brisbane, and lament their profound lack of money.

Imo: ‘Tis nearly the season Mungo, tis nearly the season. Are you excited?

Mungo: Oh I am so totally Bah humbug this time of year. Something to do with how the whole hyper commercialized, bratty-screaming-children-all-over-town insanity doesn’t really match to the concept of peace love and good will to man. Or something.

…But I like that other people like it.

Imo: I think I just enjoy sweet freedom at this time of year. Although enjoying Jesus’ bday on a sweaty, fly infested day isn’t always part of my dreams. Plus I always run out of money and end up scouring women’s weekly 1999 for homemade present ideas. Have you bought your mother something yet?

Mungo: I have, but she might read this, so can’t say. Another reason to be cranky: Christmas always means less money for me than usual. Anyway, oh god, I’m so poor right now! Seriously, I have like, what, twenty bucks to last me until my paycheck next week?

Imo: Oh well…luckily there’s heaps of free stuff on right now. And handmade toilet roll holder it is for Mummykins. Alrighty I’m going to go prepare the sleigh…. or the kegs…. Ps. my mother said someone called MANGO was on the phone. Ha!! Have a good one

Mungo: Oh, you have no idea how used to that I am.

Mungo’s guide to a cheap-as week’s entertainment.

Bell Tower 11 Series 2008

“The Bell Tower” is a series of Free Dance Performances by independent dancers and choreographers that push the boundaries of Contemporary Dance. Booking in advance is highly recommended. FREE. Judith Wright Centre, Tue 25th – Fri 28th Nov 2008, 6:00pm.

MONO, a part of Breakdance Your Mind!

Amongst other acts, the highly anticipated return of Folk-step. If that isn’t hard-core progressive music, I don’t know what is. FREE. Institute of Modern Art, 420 Brunswick St, Thursday, 27th November 2008, 7:00pm.

The Lodger

Creepy Alfred Hitchcock silent film from 1926 about the crimes of Jack the Ripper. With live musical accompaniment (I think). FREE. GOMA, Fri 28 Nov, 6.00pm

Livesparks – I heart Hiroshima
The last Livesparks for the year, and going out in style. FREE. Brisbane Powerhouse, Sun 30th Nov 08, 3:30pm.

Recommended reading for the week:

Lockpick Pornography

Free online novella about a incredibly angry young homosexual gentlemen, and his attempts to destroy any form of hetrosexual oppression he encounters. Will compel you to lash out and break the law more often. Highly recommended. NOTE: Contains explicit sexual material, if you’re a Sookie Bubba about that sort of thing.


Imi’s Festive Picks:

Brisbane River Boat Day Out

Float down the river in whatever you can (Boat, rubber tire, blow-up pool toy etc), While getting as drunk as possible. FREE. Starts at the pontoon at Jindalee skate ramps and ends at the river park in Fig Tree Pocket, Saturday Dec 13, 1:00pm.

Christmas lights tours

Cheesy? Yes. Still Awesome?? Hell Yes.

Fairtrade Xmas Market

Guilt free consumerism! Handcrafts, homewares, accessories, jewellery, clothing and of course teas, coffee and chocolate. FREE Entry. Marymac Community Centre, 616 Ipswich Rd, Dec 6-7th, 10:00am – 4:00pm.

Icon creative summit

Spokenworddancefashionvisualartsextravaganza (Beat THAT Mary Poppins!). Brisbane Powerhouse & Roma St Parklands, Nov 27-29, 6:00pm – 11:00pm.

Recommended Reading for the week:

THE WEEK magazine

BS-Free condensation of the world’s more important news stories from the week. And free 6 week subscription. We like free if you can’t tell.



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