Shida at Cylinder




Cylinder clothing in the Valley is exhibiting yet another emerging Brisbane artist. Shida recently graduated from high school and is about to embark on a European sojourn. This exhibition could well be his last as a little known Brisbanite.


Shida’s work is characterised by hyper energetic robot monsters and construction crane emu friends. For a young artist Shida has a sophisticated and distinct style. His canvasses are imbued with a frenetic energy as his creatures’ dash off the scene with only a passing interest in you, the observer. His monster motif evokes the Maori tiki, Japanese designer toys, the Mexican day of the dead and many other totemistic figures in traditional art.

All of the work is available for purchase (prices ranging from $50 – $400). There are also men’s t-shirts featuring his designs. Cylinder clothing eschews the common sparse gallery atmosphere by hanging works amongst the latest fashions. They also offer a lay-by option for people who love the art but lack the cash flow.


Artists featured at Cylinder in the past include Simon De Groot, Kitty Horton and Ryan Preece.





Shida is exhibiting at Cylinder Clothing, 692 Ann St, The Valley

24th November to 31st January 2009




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