ZEDblog Gig guide: 5/12/08 – 12/12/08


Mungo: I don’t have that many Gig Things this week, because Saul Williams is playing, and that’s all that matters to me. I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt so Fanboyish. No, wait, M.I.A last year. But that’s beside that point. I’m giddy.

Imogen: You are giddy? I nearly cried last night when I missed Andre Rieu…Man, who WOULDN’T want to see an over the top/ice rink spectacular equipped with horses/ elephants/ a life sized castle and a man playing Classical music’s solid gold hits? Amazing. Fan girl x 100. I was outside Suncorp weeping like a baby.

 Mungo: …Andre Rieu? Not to get all schoolyard on you, but my Fanboy crush could so run circles around your Fangirl crush any day of the week.

 Imogen: Oh Whatever…Andre has taken his shit ’round the world. He played 299 shows in Venice, Sold out over Europe, and well he’s just plain amazing. By the way…I hope you can sense my sarcasm. I’ll be joining you and Saul. For lack of better things to do this week I chose a movie theme. Summers in, bring a date and some mosquito repellent. Check it:

Mungo: 299 shows in Venice? Venice? Sweetie, It’s easy to play a bunch of shows if you stay in one spot long enough. Oh, and has Andre ever won the Sundance Festival Grand Jury Prize? Or worked on a brilliant album with Trent Reznor? Or given away said album for Free? NO! Have you seen Andre with out his shirt on? Not a pretty sight, but my man Saul…

 ..you were being sarcastic?

 Oh. I’ll calm down then.

Sooo, What’s on?


Young designers market

Are you still on a Christmas consumption tip? Something BrisVegas’s freshest designers and artists would be way more exciting than socks. Hell, they probably will even have socks. But, you know, they’ll be all cool and stuff. Sunday 7th Dec, 10am-4pm, Southbank Parklands.


Hola Mexico! film festival

Mexico rocks! And they make movies! Their movies probably rock too! Tue 9th Dec – Sun 14th Dec, Misc. Times, Dendy Cinemas Portside.


Moonlight cinema

Rugs and hugs + catering +moonshine! POSSUMS! Oh, and movies I think. 17th Dec – sat 28th Feb 09, Brisbane Powerhouse.


Limes hotel – upmarket rooftop cinema

One word: Shwanky. Other words include bar, outdoor cinema, and Chevy Chase. Misc times, Ongoing event, Limes hotel on  Constance St.


Growing Up: 150 years of Brisbane

Ass kicking exhibition of Brisbane, as documented by anyone & everyone over the last 150 years. 5th Dec – 8th Mar 09, Musuem of Brisbane, City Hall.


Game On Night

Emma Dean and DJ Cat Kid play the tunes, you play the games. TONIGHT 6pm, Friday 5th Dec, State Library building.


Several people we know would murder us if we forgot to mention….


Get Raucous to Punk! Sign the Birthday Card. Be part of 4ZzZ Birthday celebrations history!

Featuring Dizzygothica, Samedi Sound System, Dick Nasty, The Black Market, and countless other acts! Saturday 6th Dec, Jubilee Hotel.


And Finally…



I cannot stress how much I am looking forward to this. In a world in which the bulk of hip-hop shambles around like it’s a bad zombie film, He is a one of those bad-ass human survivors keeping the spirit alive. Performing “with his band of intergalactic sound surgeons”, this will be a gig to remember. Sunday 7th Dec, The Zoo.


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