ZEDblog Gig guide: 20/12/08


 Well, Imogen’s out of town, and so I’ve had no one to rant at. Yes, it has been very lonely, but I endure. I’ve been able to distract myself by getting up to speed on Creative Commons, which means now these posts will have pretty pictures to go along with them that don’t get 4ZZZ sued. Hurrah!

Anyway, This Saturday is shaping up quite nicely! Everyone seems to be having their end of year sha-bang.

If you’ve got a spare hundred bucks (Someone has to), you can check out Nevereverland at the Riverstage. That’s not actually the worst price in the world whe you consider the lines up includes: Klaxons (pictured above), Whitest Boy Alive, Presets, Muscles (Or is He?), Hercules & Love Affair, and that’s off of the top of my head. Modular isn’t that rough a label to be on really, is it? Saturday 20th Dec, City Botanic Gardens Riverstage, 1pm till whenever they run out of musicians (I’d say it’d be later rather than earlier)


Of course, if you’re more monetarily challenged (And I feel your pain, believe me), there’s plenty of things happening in the Valley. For sheer bloody variety, you’d be daft to pass up the Odyssey Christmas Cabaret Freakshow. With a motley crew ofbands, burlesque, puppeteers, circus acts, tappers and freaks”, You’ll have plenty to distract you from the thought of another awful Christmas conversation with your uncle in law Wayne about how a true, red blooded man will always find 16 year old girls attractive no matter what his age… ~~shudder~~. Saturday 20th Dec, $17 on the door, The Globe Theatre, Brunswick St, 7pm till late.

Wrapping up their kick arse year up at the Zoo, the Valve crew are having their X-mas mashup, with I ❤ Hiroshima, An Horse, Sekiden, Del Toro, and the Secret Birds! Fuck yeah! And Cheapest option of the night too. I would come up with more hyperbole, but I’m starting to get kinda sleepy. Sat 20th, The Zoo, $12 on the door, Doors open at 8pm .

Moving on to Sunday, if you’re as tired of Anglo Judeo-Christian celebrations as I am, maybe this A Nepalese Christmas will be worth checking out. I say maybe because, apart from the fact that it’s on, I couldn’t find much info on it. But hey, y’know, Free, so worth a punt! Sunday 21st Dec, Nepalese Peace Pagoda, South Bank Parklands, Free, 5 – 8pm.

 Man, this is exhausting by myself. Urg, I’m done for now. Hurry on home Imi!

All Photo’s used as per Creative Commons agreements outlined here. Poster image kinda borrowed from the Globe website, but they’re mates, I’m sure they won’t mind.


2 Responses to “ZEDblog Gig guide: 20/12/08”

  1. Lin Says:

    Good size font in the item! Love reading clear print – much less strain on the eyes after a gig on Sat nite.

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