Woodford Folk Festival


Bluegrass Parkway performing live at Woodford

It’s that time of year when people from all across the country, and others from further abroad brave the insufferable heat in order to take part in one of the best folk festivals in the world. With over 2000 performers and 400 events, Woodford Folk Festival packs crowds within the scenic surroundings of the Sunshine Coast hinterlands. Last year brought intense bouts of rain, mud and camping landslides, however this year the ground is dry and but the air is definitely on the warm side. Despite a very high risk of heat stroke, most patrons manage to enjoy themselves, finding refuge in dance workshops, cafes and a bit of shade under a tree, or a nice breeze….if you are lucky. By night the temperature drops, the atmosphere brightens and people return from the heat induced comotose state they were in hours before to dance long into the night. 

 Night time highlights include the annual lantern parade 





 4zzz will be doing a broadcast live from Woodford tomorrow at midday. Be sure to tune into 102.1fm to catch all the highlights from the comfort of your home. Don’t forget to check our blog tomorrow for more updates.


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