If you’re a child of the nineties or prior, I’ve no doubt that hidden away somewhere, probably covered in an epic layer of dust, there are numerous photo albums containing embarrassing photos of you as a naked baby and the like. Nowadays of course all our photos are stored in some sort of digital format on computers and Facebook/you’re social networking site of choice. However, the lovely boys at Ninelives gallery in the valley mall are challenging you to relinquish yourself from the tight grasp of the digital age and embrace the sweet nostalgia of a good old film camera.

ninelives-79141Opening on February 20 is Viewfinder, an exhibition made up of photos taken on any camera ranging from the good old disposable to Polaroids or whatever tickles your fancy, as long as it’s on film – none of this digital business. Being sold for ten dollars a pop, anyone can contribute up to five pics, with the money being split between the photographer and the gallery. You’ve got to get them in by Tuesday Febuary 9, so get a wriggle on.

In the selection processes the fellas aren’t going to discriminate. Matt Rabbidge, one ninth of Ninelives, said they devised the exhibition as a way to help young, nervous photographers get exposure and gallery space.

“It’s really hard to try and give a young artist or photographer an opportunity to show their works in a fully fledged gallery space on their own,” Matt said.ninelives-81011

“Putting a group show on where anyone from an amateur photographer right through to the pros can be putting in works and they’re all up on a wall together is a good opportunity for those young kids to come through.

“And the thing is as well we’re not planning on labelling the front… so it’s completely unassuming.

“You might have a 16 year old who’s still at school, who took photos on a disposable camera and one of their pics might be right next to Megan Cullen or a photojournalist… and people aren’t going to know who it is unless they buy the picture.

“What we wanted to try and do is at the end of the day get as many of the photos up as possible … we’d love to fill as much of the wall as we could.”

ninelives-78811They chose to have an entirely film based exhibition because film photos seem more realistic but at the same time can be distorted.

“It’s pretty true to itself with its colour and everything else,” he said.

“With digital it’s so easily manipulated these days and … if people really want to they can still have films manipulated and printed out but I think [this brings it] back to everyone on a level playing field.

“I think it’s a great thing to have an exhibition where we’re only dealing with film [because] it encourages people to pull out those old cameras and try and do some shots from home. It’ll be exciting to see.”

Helping out are valley boutique The Outpost and Japanese camera company Powershovel. To mark opening night they’re having a pop up shop where you can buy wares from the funky little company.

“It’s really good exposure for them, they’ve got the really little mini camera’s … that already show distortion with their pictures,” Matt said.

“Other than that it’s cheap booze and a hell of a lot of photos to be sold.”

So now you’ve got more than enough reasons to get involved with this exhibition, and even if you don’t care to contribute you can potter along for opening night Friday February 20 from 6-10pm or Saturday or Sunday from 11-5pm, but get in early because I bet these babies are going to sell pretty quick.ninelives-8107

The finer details…

Ninelives is upstairs, Mellinos Italian Restaurant, Brunswick St Mall (across from Ric’s)


Entry details:


Contributions due by 6pm Tuesday February 9 to The Outpost


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