Snap shot review: Violent Soho


vsohoTheir studio sound is undeniably pretty grunge but you can sing along to melodic choruses nonetheless. Live, Violent Soho are a cacophony of flannel-wearing, long-haired guitar heroes and people love it. Playing their last Brisbane show for a while (they’re heading to America), there were a lot of well wishers at the Step Inn.

Not one of which could be heard over the band’s brash farewell. Kicking off with a 4ZzZ favourite, ‘My Generation’, the air was rife with excitement. Singers Luke Boerdam and James Tidswell shout in an undoubtedly Kurt-inspired fashion above their own guitar work, plus that of Luke Henery (bass) and Michael Richards (drums); all vying to be heard. For a last minute, fairly low profile show there was quite a crowd- and we weren’t disappointed. Belting out future hits ‘Muscle Junkie,’ ‘Son of Sam’ and ‘Bombs over Broadway;’ it was like watching celebrities in the making.


Photo taken by VRGuy, used as per Creative Commons agreements outlined here.


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