World Naked Bike Ride

Image by Sae-Khow @ 


Image by Sae-Khow @


Established 2004,  World Naked Bike Ride has become a steadily growing annual event, with over 70 cities in taking part in WNBR-affiliated events all over the world! The event draws people from a variety of causes,  ranging from bikers safety, to celebrating the body, through to promoting environmental awareness. After the cut, Dario checks in and reports on the latest Brisbane ride on March 21st…


I was much happier with the way the event went down this year compared to last year, even though the turnout again was small.  There were six guys (including myself) and one young lady from the 4ZZZ Radical Radio list who took part.  The police were not as harsh as they were last year and were content to let us ride as long as our genital areas were covered up – one friend of mine who is a gay activist wore one with a fine mesh but didn’t get in trouble over it surprisingly enough, although he did get a stern talking to by the police for taking a leak surreptitiously in the bushes behind the bike path with his back turned to everybody (there were no toilets in the immediate vicinity of the bike path).  It started at 2pm at North Boondall and we waited until 2.30pm for other riders to turn up.  We also did an interview with a young journalism student called James Weir from QUT for an assignment he is working on and took off at 3.30pm.

There were no spectators, but a few drivers beeped their horns at us and waved and I heard one yobbo yell at us “Put some clothes back on, you dirty c.nts!”

We went right through the stations and through the Wetlands and then turned back just as we were approaching the refuse tip at Nudgee.  The police had gone by the time we got back, and three of us went to a local bar to discuss organising next year’s one.  At this point I don’t know where it will be held, but I am looking at a more inner-city area like West End and have a few other attractions to bring in the crowds like some drumming, body painting, a market stall selling WNBR paraphernalia, a stall from the Free Beaches Australia lobby group, and a few film-makers and people from the local TV and radio stations.  This is an event that occurs only once a year (although there are some extra rides in cities like Seattle, San Francisco an Melbourne), so make of it what you can.

I invited 100 local friends on my facebook site to the event, but only Tony Robertson turned up for a while to do some photos of it (he is a professional events photographer and a peace/social justice activist as well as a naturist).  I guess most Brisbane people were more interested in watching the state elections on the day rather than a few nearly naked cyclists out in a rainforest 30 minutes from town…

To see Tony’s photo’s, visit Images in post used as per Creative Commons agreements outlined here.


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