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April 26, 2009
The Windmill, Wickham Park, Spring Hill
Photo by Denver Galea

Photo by Denver Galea


The musician and the puppet – Lior

April 24, 2009


Lior playing in Perth March, 2009

By Alley Crooks

Lior – Powerhouse, New Farm – Thursday, April 23. 

I went into this gig not knowing what to expect.  I had not listened to Lior a lot in the past but had been lucky enough to be given a ticket by a friend.  The few songs that I were familiar with I loved so I decided it would be worth spending the dwindling remains of my weekly pay on a taxi to the Powerhouse to see him.  I left the gig with a renewed love for Lior, a bit of a crush on an English guy called Mike and the confirmation that every gig, of every artist and band for the remainder of history should have a shadow artist on stage to translate the meaning of songs through shadow puppets. 

I have to begin by saying; the Powerhouse theatre is a great venue and should be used a lot more in the future.  It was the second time this year I had been to an event there and there is just something about it that creates the best vibe.  I was seated on the highest mezzanine on the third level and thought I had a pretty fantastic view from the top.

I arrived just before the support act was due to begin and was told that he was definitely worth a listen.  Mike Rosenberg from an English band, Passenger, had the audience in the palm of his hand.  At times he reminded me somewhat of Damien Rice.  I think he was a little taken aback at how much the audience was listening, saying himself that the support act back home is usually just background music for people to chat and drink through.  I don’t think I heard a single person talk through his set, a really talented lyricist, he had everyone captivated and, at the same time, in stitches with laughter.  He has definitely made a fan out of me.

Lior came on stage and proclaimed that the night would be a summary of the last four years through song and shadow puppets.  heal_me_perth2I was immediately wowed by his voice live, that man’s got some powerful pipes.  He was accompanied only by a string quartet, a man he met at Woodford festival providing percussive beats for a couple of songs with what may have been djembe drums, or something very similar anyway, and of course, these delightful shadow puppets.  Lior and shadow artists, Stephen Mushin and Anna Parry collaborated to extend meaning behind the songs through these puppets and the result was something really special.  As Lior sang, Stephen Mushin created everything from camels to kites to cranes, all so amazingly intricate and detailed.  Just describing it with words does not do it justice but Powerhouse staff were ready to pounce on sight of cameras, so alas, no photos of my own to share. 

Stand out songs for me were “Daniel” and “This Old Love” where the string quartet really added that extra something and “I’ll Forget You” a duet where he was joined on stage by Katie Noonan.  Songs “Autumn Flow” and “Diego and the Village Girl” really put Lior’s incredible vocal range on show but it was the final song of the evening “Avinu Malkeinu”, a Hebrew prayer, performed acapella, that really shook the foundations of the theatre. 

So here I have come to the conclusion that this Lior gig was a feast for the eyes and the ears and I must take this opportunity to say this to all musicians, troubadours and Jaggers alike: with the addition of shadow puppets to your set, your popularity will increase ten fold.  And you can take that to the bank. 

The $10 Shop – Laserforce

April 22, 2009


By Jo Carson

Laserforce. Do I even need an introduction? I should hope not. Any Brisbanite who hasn’t had the Laserforce experience is seriously deprived.

Laserforce entered my life in 1999 when I was 10 years of age. At this time I was denying any love for the Hansons and only worshipped the Spice Girls in private. Because I was about to turn 11, and I had crushes on boys. You see, I had the revelation that if I was more like a boy, they would like me more. So soccer was the new lunch game choice, and well, dresses were completely out. Cub scouts were a big one and anything my big brother did I had to do as well, which included having a birthday party at Laserforce.

For awhile there, Laserforce was the hottest birthday spot right alongside ice skating (oh ice skating! Stay tuned for next week). And I demand resurgence. Well, why not? Everything else 90’s is suddenly retro. Bring back the 10 year old in all of us.

Laserforce is Studio 54 (the 90’s remix) for primary schools. It is like an indoor skirmish but with lasers instead of pain/pellets. The area in which you laser your force (or force your laser) is filled with shelters, ramps, screens, obstacles and music! Wonderful and oddly appropriate music! Lately, Rhianna’s Umbrella has been pumping during the missions and wow, doesn’t that make you want to ‘kill’ somebody.

What is good and great about Laserforce?

1.     The arcade-style games you play before your missions. Yes, air hockey too.

2.     The chocolate and soft drink you consume whilst playing air hockey, making you ridiculously hyper. 

3.     The training video which outlines the mission of each team and how to put on your sensory vests.

4.     The mission names each person is given. While some get lucky with ‘razer’ and ‘steel’, others will not be so confident with names such as ‘awkward panda’.

5.     You may be playing against a bunch of 10 years olds, and you may be playing against a bunch of weird older people. But wait…maybe we are the weird older people…

In anyway, the primary reason Laserforce is so damn fantastic is because it’s only $8 for one mission. Less for members, and I bet there are some of you who still have your Laserforce cards; Along with your Rocksports memberships and Commonwealth Bank junior savings account.

Outgrowing those may be a tad overdue but Laserforce is alive and kicking and ready to welcome you back into it’s midst. For me, it holds memories and should be appreciated while it is still affordable. Some things don’t change, except that I worship the Spice Girls openly now. 

Where: 55 Ipswich Road Woolloongabba

When:  To book: 3891 1031. These bookings are essential

How much: as mentioned, $8 for one game

For further information click here

Are Qld drivers safer than NSW drivers?

April 21, 2009

Graphic by K. Brownlie-Smith

By Chris Carlaw

There is constant ongoing debate about which state is better NSW or QLD? I realise that you, as readers will be massively biased here, but just remain subjective just for a few minutes. The debate often revolves around what state has the best beaches, what state has the best weather, and what state has the best football teams, but that’s what state of origin is for right?

But when it comes down to driving safety, which state comes out on top? Who would win in a state of origin battle on road safety?

I was curious about this when the latest results came out with the Easter road toll. I know it is rather macabre to use this as a barometer but in all truth, it’s the best and most recent gauge.

Well the answer in this poll states that QLD wins. 5 deaths in QLD while 6 in NSW according to this news article.

The good news out of it is that crashes causing death or serious injury were down 20 or 30 per cent on this time last year. This is something that whether you are on the NSW or QLD side we should all pass on our praise to the relevant police forces that do their job to save lives.

Thus, going back to the topic at hand. QLD 1, NSW 0.

Here is more food for thought. QLD drivers don’t indicate, especially at roundabouts.

Being someone who has lived in both Sydney and Brisbane now, I can stand up and count for this.

It’s so incredibly annoying when you are unnecessarily giving way at a roundabout due to another car (or several cars) not indicating. You feel like a fool.

 If you don’t believe me, here is the article from NRMA QLD to prove it.

QLD 1, NSW 1.

So now to the decider.

For the final approach, let’s look at the holistic picture over time. Below are the deaths on NSW and QLD roads per 10,000 people, between 1975 and 2006:



The source is a study from the Australian Government, labeled, International Road Safety Comparisons: The 2006 Report’.

Whilst we can see that the NSW figure has decreased over time, we can see that the QLD figure has also decreased but has taken a plateau between the years 2002-2006. Credit where credit is due, NSW wins hands down in this example.

NSW 2, QLD 1. The statistics don’t lie, you be the judge!

How to have a good day out in Brisbane without paying a cent

April 16, 2009


Photo by K. Brownlie-Smith

By Chris Carlaw

Paying back that credit card debt? Just lost your job? Finding it hard to know what to do on weekends? Well it may interest you that Brisbane has many free options when it comes to activities.

The best thing about Brisbane is that it appeals to people who haven’t got a lot of discretionary income. And that’s a few in times of rising unemployment and difficult times.  You don’t need to spend big to have a good time.

As a relative newcomer to the city, it’s refreshing to know you can do things for free. It has certainly helped me reach my financial goals and as a young person, attempt to save for a house purchase.

 Below are some of the activities I have done in and around the city:

· Have a picnic. There are some great places around the city in which you can go to, and use the free BBQ facilities. As long as you bring some bread and a few snags with some sauce, you’re ready to go. I would recommend Roma st parkland or the Kangaroo point cliffs.

· Go for a walk. It’s free and good for you. There are some nice walks you can do in Brisbane, such as the Mt-Cootha walking tracks or Brisbane Forest Park. If you want to make a day of it, drive to O’Reillys in Lamington national park.

· Have a swim at south bank. As the nearest beach for me is a 30min drive, south bank is actually closer.

· Be a tourist and sightsee. Many people I know have been living here for their whole lives but have not been for a swim at Redcliffe lagoons, have not been to Mooloolaba beach and have not been for a drive up Mount Nebo or into Dayboro.

· Browse at the markets. You don’t have to buy anything, its just fun looking! I would recommend the China town markets at Fortitude valley and the Southbank markets, both of which are on Sundays most weekends.

· Go for a bike ride around the city.

· If you have kids, take them to a park to be entertained, rather than taking them to the cinema or ten pin bowling.

· Dust off that old kite you have in the garage and take it to the beach and give it a go.

· Grab the soccer ball or football and have a game at new farm park.

As you can tell from above, I have scrimped when it comes to entertainment on weekends, but it still has been fun! It just depends on how fun you make it and the company around you. Make sure you have the essentials (sun screen, beach umbrealla, esky, football, picnic rug, good footwear and imagination and you can still have a good time without paying a cent.

Like having fun on the cheap or for free? Visit the Local Voices blog weekly to find out what’s going on each weekend that will cost you next to nothing in Brisbane!

Sea Shepard Gig 9 April

April 16, 2009

_dai6765Yarg! Where were ye when the Sea Shepard raised their bountiful funds in our car park? Relive the night, and view the photos after the break.


Me mateys.



April 12, 2009
Brisbane Square, Brisbane City


Photo by Denver Galea

The $10 Shop- ep1.

April 7, 2009


Photography by Jean-francois Lanzarone @

I feel a small introduction is necessary.

I used to write about lifestyle: plays, festivals, exhibitions. I wished to write about those remembering the drink in my hand, petrol in my car, and highlights in my hair. Those days, friends, are long gone. I am poor. And no, I am not poor from travelling the world or due to a debt to the mafia. I wish! I am the boring kind of poor, the student kind of poor.  

So the journalist that I am being (neurotically, as I cannot afford chocolate) trained to be, will make use of being skint and share with you all how I manage to stay entertained, and under ten dollars as well. I must admit I’m not great at being poor just yet, but with the $10 shop as my motivation I hope I can save us both some coin. (more…)

READY FIRE AIM: 10 Hour Trance

April 2, 2009

By Denver Galea


10 Hour Trance, part of Audiopollen’s Social Festival ’09, filled The Old Museum’s Studio 3 with underground music, noise and art last Sunday.    (more…)