READY FIRE AIM: 10 Hour Trance


By Denver Galea


10 Hour Trance, part of Audiopollen’s Social Festival ’09, filled The Old Museum’s Studio 3 with underground music, noise and art last Sunday.   


A 4ZzZ sponsored event lead to a line up of over forty local artists playing for fifteen minute intervals for, as the name suggests, 10 hours.  Brisbanites came along with drinks and food to indulge in an “over the top exposition, excavation and explosion” of sound.



10 Hour Trance was one of three one-off events organised by festival curators Yusuke Akai, Daiji Igarashi and Joel Stern, in an effort to promote local artists emerging in “subterrain lifestyles circa 2009”.   

Featured artists on the evening were: Earbeard& Misbah, Helen Southall, Kahl Monitcone, Everette True, Henry Skye Nappng, sir.shanksalot, Ragtime Frank, Leighton Craig, Deadnotes, Joe Musgrove, Lawrence English / Alex Gillies / Dan Lewis, Tom Hall, Brutal Hate Mosh, Bad Walter, Alpha Omega, Swamplords, Yout Dem, Young Nixons, The Boxxman, Jeff Grady, Anonymeye, Kraft Bandits, 4X, Kitchen’s Floor, Marl Karx / Tribal, Cured Pink Radio, Heart Flew, 6MajiK9, Impromptulons, Blank Realm, P*File Flowchart, Lloyd Barrett, Chloe Cogle, Wasted Truth, Neckhold, Septic Surge, Occult Blood and SSS. 


Audiopollen is a local organisation located in West End.  To join their mailing list for updated events or find out more visit:  


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