The $10 Shop- ep1.



Photography by Jean-francois Lanzarone @

I feel a small introduction is necessary.

I used to write about lifestyle: plays, festivals, exhibitions. I wished to write about those remembering the drink in my hand, petrol in my car, and highlights in my hair. Those days, friends, are long gone. I am poor. And no, I am not poor from travelling the world or due to a debt to the mafia. I wish! I am the boring kind of poor, the student kind of poor.  

So the journalist that I am being (neurotically, as I cannot afford chocolate) trained to be, will make use of being skint and share with you all how I manage to stay entertained, and under ten dollars as well. I must admit I’m not great at being poor just yet, but with the $10 shop as my motivation I hope I can save us both some coin.

Episode one, and when better than to say goodbye to the end of the Brisbane summer with all it’s hot hell. These days you can smell winter in the wind and yet there is no way you can put on your jeans and jackets just yet. Because after a few rainy and cloudy days, there comes the day that hits above 28 degrees and it is hot. For the economically challenged, instead of sitting in aircon and eating up your electricity budget, or joining the mall throng and maxing the credit card (again), hit your local swimming pool.

Ok so you have a swimming pool. Well I haven’t. When I was little my dad actually filled up an unused rubbish bin and I used to “swim” in that. But anyway, I imagine that home pools just aren’t as fun as going to the local public pool with your friends. Predominantly because then you cannot buy killer pythons for 40 cents a pop.

Here is some advice when entertaining at your local swimming pool. Have a barbeque. Most public pools have barbeque facilities. If you don’t have a barbeque, most likely another group of people will have a barbeque and then you will feel incredibly jealous. The amount of times I have thought about grabbing a sausage and running…

I also recommend getting friendly with the pool staff. An unfortunate side effect to being a large pool is the amount of chlorine in the water and because everyone is too cool to bring goggles, 20 minutes in someone is having a teary. The pool staff often keep spare goggles behind the counter. Get in with them, there is no $15 pay up to buy new ones.

If you’re lucky, your new buddies will also turn a blind eye on bomb dives. Only if you’re lucky though, keep the belly-flops to a minimum.

Where: You can find your nearest swimming pool click here.

When: Whenever, except probably not at night

How much: $3 entry, 40c Killer Python, $4 ea. for sausage, sauce and bread for BBQ. 

All Photo’s used as per Creative Commons agreements outlined here.


One Response to “The $10 Shop- ep1.”

  1. Em Says:

    hehe i laughed. thank you.
    bring on the killer pythons 🙂

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