Are Qld drivers safer than NSW drivers?


Graphic by K. Brownlie-Smith

By Chris Carlaw

There is constant ongoing debate about which state is better NSW or QLD? I realise that you, as readers will be massively biased here, but just remain subjective just for a few minutes. The debate often revolves around what state has the best beaches, what state has the best weather, and what state has the best football teams, but that’s what state of origin is for right?

But when it comes down to driving safety, which state comes out on top? Who would win in a state of origin battle on road safety?

I was curious about this when the latest results came out with the Easter road toll. I know it is rather macabre to use this as a barometer but in all truth, it’s the best and most recent gauge.

Well the answer in this poll states that QLD wins. 5 deaths in QLD while 6 in NSW according to this news article.

The good news out of it is that crashes causing death or serious injury were down 20 or 30 per cent on this time last year. This is something that whether you are on the NSW or QLD side we should all pass on our praise to the relevant police forces that do their job to save lives.

Thus, going back to the topic at hand. QLD 1, NSW 0.

Here is more food for thought. QLD drivers don’t indicate, especially at roundabouts.

Being someone who has lived in both Sydney and Brisbane now, I can stand up and count for this.

It’s so incredibly annoying when you are unnecessarily giving way at a roundabout due to another car (or several cars) not indicating. You feel like a fool.

 If you don’t believe me, here is the article from NRMA QLD to prove it.

QLD 1, NSW 1.

So now to the decider.

For the final approach, let’s look at the holistic picture over time. Below are the deaths on NSW and QLD roads per 10,000 people, between 1975 and 2006:



The source is a study from the Australian Government, labeled, International Road Safety Comparisons: The 2006 Report’.

Whilst we can see that the NSW figure has decreased over time, we can see that the QLD figure has also decreased but has taken a plateau between the years 2002-2006. Credit where credit is due, NSW wins hands down in this example.

NSW 2, QLD 1. The statistics don’t lie, you be the judge!


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