The $10 Shop – Laserforce



By Jo Carson

Laserforce. Do I even need an introduction? I should hope not. Any Brisbanite who hasn’t had the Laserforce experience is seriously deprived.

Laserforce entered my life in 1999 when I was 10 years of age. At this time I was denying any love for the Hansons and only worshipped the Spice Girls in private. Because I was about to turn 11, and I had crushes on boys. You see, I had the revelation that if I was more like a boy, they would like me more. So soccer was the new lunch game choice, and well, dresses were completely out. Cub scouts were a big one and anything my big brother did I had to do as well, which included having a birthday party at Laserforce.

For awhile there, Laserforce was the hottest birthday spot right alongside ice skating (oh ice skating! Stay tuned for next week). And I demand resurgence. Well, why not? Everything else 90’s is suddenly retro. Bring back the 10 year old in all of us.

Laserforce is Studio 54 (the 90’s remix) for primary schools. It is like an indoor skirmish but with lasers instead of pain/pellets. The area in which you laser your force (or force your laser) is filled with shelters, ramps, screens, obstacles and music! Wonderful and oddly appropriate music! Lately, Rhianna’s Umbrella has been pumping during the missions and wow, doesn’t that make you want to ‘kill’ somebody.

What is good and great about Laserforce?

1.     The arcade-style games you play before your missions. Yes, air hockey too.

2.     The chocolate and soft drink you consume whilst playing air hockey, making you ridiculously hyper. 

3.     The training video which outlines the mission of each team and how to put on your sensory vests.

4.     The mission names each person is given. While some get lucky with ‘razer’ and ‘steel’, others will not be so confident with names such as ‘awkward panda’.

5.     You may be playing against a bunch of 10 years olds, and you may be playing against a bunch of weird older people. But wait…maybe we are the weird older people…

In anyway, the primary reason Laserforce is so damn fantastic is because it’s only $8 for one mission. Less for members, and I bet there are some of you who still have your Laserforce cards; Along with your Rocksports memberships and Commonwealth Bank junior savings account.

Outgrowing those may be a tad overdue but Laserforce is alive and kicking and ready to welcome you back into it’s midst. For me, it holds memories and should be appreciated while it is still affordable. Some things don’t change, except that I worship the Spice Girls openly now. 

Where: 55 Ipswich Road Woolloongabba

When:  To book: 3891 1031. These bookings are essential

How much: as mentioned, $8 for one game

For further information click here


2 Responses to “The $10 Shop – Laserforce”

  1. My Fiction Says:

    awww…. LASERFORCE – massive love for that place, those little 10 year old kids always seem to be way better then us??? but when i was 10 the older dudes were frikken deadly…. so the question is where are the “old school” vets from laserforce… they must be kicking around somewhere watch Beverly Hills Cop maybe?

    next MY FICTION band meeting will be held there… by the air hockey table =D

  2. hope Says:

    ha ha that is soo funny, i have always been anti-laserforce due to the violence factor but you make it sound fun and like something that would be akin to that other great sensory experience- Infinity on the Gold Coast!!!
    “It’s a chemical free trip – an awesome sensory overload – a real blast!” Geoff & Danielle – Southport

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