The $10 Shop- Ice Skating


skating2-1By Jo Carson

So I went to a public pool yesterday. I can most definitely confirm that it is way too cold to have a leisurely, social dip.  Sure, they say the pool is heated. Heated, being 1 degree warmer than it would be otherwise. Which is fantastic if you own a pair of Speedos and are swimming to burn 300 000 calories per second. But for all those who are human, say goodbye to pools for the next four months and goodbye summer. Now it’s time for the Brisbane winter which is, by most standards, quite a pathetic imitation of all things stereotypically cold. Snow is a no show in Brisbane, although apparently in 1982 Mt Coo-tha received one minute of snow at its summit. I don’t believe that. Regardless, there are LOADS of things to do in winter that do not cost a lot. Because this episode is rather winter-orientated, let’s go extreme chill: Brisbane style. Let’s go indoor ice skating.

Why indoor ice skating? Well apart from the fact there is very little chance of the Brisbane River freezing over, outdoor ice skating is not actually fun. I was unfortunate enough to go outdoor ice skating with my Dad in Edmonton when my family went to Canada. The rink of choice was a small lake at the bottom of a ski field. It was about 3 in the afternoon and pitch black. The skates I was given cut one of my fingers and hurt to stand in. The ice was so dry I could not skate on it and I needed a contraption resembling a walker/shopping trolley to move across the lake. It was awful. To make further comparison, I did not require a walker in the indoor ice skating rink in West Edmonton Mall (The largest mall in the world, equipped with its own water park) and it was rather enjoyable. I do however resent that Canada facilitates both activities… greedy bastards.

Indoor ice skating is great fun for birthday parties (I’ve had two there) and for the pure novelty of it all. I do however recommend just going in winter and there are two reasons for this. Primarily, entering the frosty temperature that the arena maintains after being in the 30 degree summer heat will most likely give you Pneumonia. Also, the beanies and jackets you have to wear are just not practical if you are going to go to Southbank afterwards to have nachos.  Secondly, why ruin the wintery vibe! Go roller-skating in summer if you really want the skate sensation. It’s all relative.

Did I mention the fantastic hot chocolates and pretty light shows? Oh wow, guess not. There is music too, which just adds to the wonderful ambiance. Even better is the fact that no one is good at ice skating unless it is an actual hobby of theirs. From my experience it doesn’t matter how coordinated you are at field sports, you’re still going to fall on your arse whilst ice skating. And on that note I conclude by saying please, for your sake, do not wear low riding pants. Falling on your clothed arse is one thing, but it is a completely different story when the flesh hits the ice.

Who: Iceworld Olympic Ice Rinks

Where: Either Acacia Ridge or Boondall, depending on your side of ’vegus.

When:  There a different session times for each rink: session times are in majority two hours long.

How much: $15. I have failed at my mission. BUT NO WAIT!!! Tuesday nights at Acacia Ridge is $10!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUCCESS!

For further information click here


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