What is it about Dylan Moran?


Dylan Moran’s ‘What It Is’ – QPAC Concert Hall – Sunday May 17, 2009

By Alley Crooks

Bernard:   “Roweena!  Roweeeeeena!  And what am I supposed to do while you’re doing the underpants Charleston with this insane, blind tart?”

Manny:   “Why are you getting so angry?”

Bernard:   “I can’t help being angry when I’m furious!  So, before you go off to raise   your bearded freak circus, what’s she like?”

Manny:   “She’s nice.”

Bernard:   “She’s nice.  She – don’t make me sick into my own scorn.  What are her prospects?  Does she play the viola?  Does she embroider?  Is she kind to the servants?” 

Stretched, strained abdomen.  Tender, sore cheek bones.  These are the side-effects you can expect to come away with from a Dylan Moran stand-up show.

As much as I would like to do a typical review, a sort of summary of the evening, I was laughing so long after most jokes that I forgot what the flip I was laughing about in the first place, and I’m sure that the jokes would certainly not be as funny in words as they were coming from Moran’s coarse, Irish accent.

Some things that I do remember learning from him are:

  1. The wombat is in fact a pig in a fur coat.
  2. Barack Obama is Super Jesus.
  3. What a person giving you the silent treatment is really trying to tell you.
  4. The pictures of bad teeth on smoking packets are just pictures of your average, everyday Irish person.
  5. When a woman is home because of ‘ladies things’, she may just be busy squirting jam into envelopes.

I guess I could summarize by saying that Dylan Moran was that hilarious, I would not be surprised if the Concert Hall seats are being thoroughly scrubbed today due to those who may have wee’d themselves a little, a result of hysterical laughter.


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