Weekend to do list


By Kate Smith

So its Tuesday, and I’m getting ready for a Taco Tuesday adventure to the Alibi Room. But my mind is whirring, I’m looking further ahead, into the future, into the empty cavern that is going to be my weekend. I’ve got nothing on. So far my plans are zilch. nada. nothing.  My weekend is going to consist of tv, breakfast cereal dinners and MAYBE a trip to the corner shop for some ice-cream. Wahoo.

Taco’s forgotten I realise I have to rectify the situation immediately.  In a place like Brisbane there is absolutely NO excuse for staying home on the weekend. I’m cool, I’m hip, I dig music, so what’s going on?! Without hesitation I jump on the internet (the answer to all my woes) and begin my plan…

Let’s start with something cultural. Something that embraces the wondrous multicultural society we enjoy here in Australia – the Paniyiri Greek Festival at Musgrave park.  The festival lasts the whole weekend and I’m gonna be there first thing Saturday morning (9am, lets not get too eager now) to get stuck into some tasty Greek delicacies (man I love those honey puffs!). There’ll be music, stalls, entertainment, the works.  But more than anything, I’ll be getting my groove on in the… wait for it… Zorba Til you Drop dancing competition hosted by (OH. MY. GOD.) Herc and Xena – hells yeah!

But I can’t dance for peanuts, so I’ll have plenty of time to get my groovy little backside over to the Zoo that night for the Brisbane Sounds festival at 8pm. Screemfeeder, Vegas Kings, New Jack Rubys, the that oh so sensitive Gentle Ben –  At $12 a ticket ($15 at the door) I think I can afford it.   And a little birdy told me there might even be some snazzy zed photographers there – I could become famous waaahoooo (end shameless zed plug).

Hmm so what’s next? Well, will need a recovery session in the morning… probably with a nice stroll around the Northey Street Markets (if I wake up in time!). Then get ready for a Sunday session at Rics with local musos the Funky Junk Music Club and Wolves of the Hour from 3pm.  Nothing like a nice relaxing drink with friends to finish off the weekend…

Brutal Ballet with KlokBLok http://www.myspace.com/brutalballetcompan

Brutal Ballet with KlokBLok http://www.myspace.com/brutalballetcompan

BUT I can’t end there, I really really, can’t.  Because on Sunday night from 5pm at the Globe, something amazing is happening. There’s going to be a ballet performance…. TO DEATH METAL MUSIC. This, I absolutely have to see. For $15 you get to sit in the gorgeous Globe theatre and listen to KlokBlok, while watching ballerina’s (the appropriately named Brutal Ballet) strut their stuff. Ok, I’m not sure its going to work exactly how I imagine it… but curiosity has definitely got the better of me on this one.

So, probably won’t have time to eat any cereal and definitely won’t have any money left over to buy ice-cream… maybe I can scrounge a couple of dollars, we’ll have to work on that one… but at least I can eat my Tacos tonight in peace!


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