Felinedown @ the Alliance



By Josh Donellan

I’m not going to lie to you, I missed the first band. I have no idea what they were called or what kind of music they played, so let’s just assume that they were a seventeen piece ska band named Frankie Wingnut and the hullabaloos and that they played an epic set of saxophone solo filled goodness.

Second band on stage tonight is indie/ambient/rockish act Fawn. Fawn not only own instruments but play them too, and do so quite capably. They flood the Alliance with a wash of thick basslines and reverb soaked guitar. Unfortunately their songs lack strong melodic hooks so while they pull you in with a driving beat and strong guitar lines the songs don’t really pack as much punch as they could.

The venue lights get dimmed to their ‘sexy time’ setting and Felinedown’s rhythm section, featuring spanking new bassist, take the stage. The pair kick off an instrumental introduction before welcoming guitarist Glen and frontwoman Brodie to the stage. Brodie is clad in an outfit that wouldn’t be out of place in a film titled ‘attack of the sexy intergalactic hula dancers from outer space!’. Sidenote: why does this film not yet exist?

Felinedown unleash a barrage of dirty-synth-grunge-pop that calls to mind groups such as Massive Attack, Garbage and Nine Inch Nails. Employing an artillery of sleazy fuzzed out bass and solid drum grooves to underpin lush vocals, the band bake a delicious sonic pie of musical goodness and throw it savagely at the faces of the very receptive crowd. Brodie, obviously no stranger to the stage, performs from an elevated platform that allows her to make full use of her charms and wiles which are every bit as enticing as her vocal abilities. Her stage presence is volatile and captivating enough to warrant being bottled for the benefit of future generations. This is evidenced by the fact that she receives both offers of marriage and real estate intermittently through the set.

The band make their way through a set comprised primarily of songs from their eponymous EP. Also making the setlist tonight is an unexpected cover of Aaliyah’s ‘pick yourself up and try again’ which has been shoved through the overdrive blender with splendid results. Throughout the evening the four-piece effortlessly shift from trip-hoppy ambient soundscapes to thrashing distortion and back again.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would say this show was somewhere between ‘OMG!’ and ‘Fuck Yeah!’ with a dash of ‘keep your eye on this band’ thrown in for good measure.

Check out Felinedown at www.felinedown.com.


One Response to “Felinedown @ the Alliance”

  1. Darragh Says:

    Hah, nice one Josh.

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