Weekend to do list – May 29-31


By Josh Donellan

I’m going to be accused for wearing my art on my sleeve (yes! Opening sentence pun!) this week. The following is a recipe for a delightfully debaucherous weekend in Brisvakistan.

Hunz - thoughts that move

Hunz - thoughts that move

This Thursday Hunz launches his brand new album Thoughts That Move at the Troubadour. He’s crafted a small galaxy of warm and luscious electronic landscapes on this release and he’s giving it away for FREE at hunz.bandcamp.com so the least you could do is see his show you cheap bastard! Support from Toy Balloon and Dot.AY.

On Friday kick your night off at Juggler’s artspace for the irresistibly titled Drunk: Struggling to Focus. This is the second major exhibition from local artist Andy Harwood. The blurb states: “Through viewing these works I hope that the viewer transcends to a state of inebriation, as if your brain and face are floating from your body.” Play your cards right and this will basically be a window two hours into the future.

From there head just a few doors down to the Kairos photography exhibition at the fort. This show features images where: ‘Every photograph is shot through the eyes of people who hold a strong desire to tell a story, yet know it may never be told.’ The Fort is the best new venue in Brisbane. Sure Cloudland is pretty, but it’s cold and synthetic. The Fort has got soul by the bucketload. It’s like comparing Pamela Anderson to Erykah Badu. And you KNOW which one of those would win in a cat fight. Or rap battle. Or a game of scrabble. Or basically any contest besides wet t-shirt competition. You should go. You should take your best friend and your lover and your grandma and your cousin. Not just out of any sense of altruism towards supporting the local art scene, although you will earn a few art karma points for this, but because if you don’t you’ll never know just how great a time you missed out on.

Pistol Whipped

Pistol Whipped

After Kairos run, hop, skip or jump your way to the Jubilee for Pistol Whipped. Your bright eyed and bushy tailed hosts will be Aukistra, Jane Doe and Frankie Trouble playing all your favourite electro, hip hop and indie tracks pulled apart, remixed, mashed up and put back together. Plus it’s Aukistra aka Kayne’s birthday. Hit the dance floor, then hit him up for an invite to the after party. Fun facts: Jane Doe is a former member of the Bulgarian synchronised swimming team and Kayne once killed a crocodile with his bare hands cos it gave him an all-Celine Dion mixtape.*

*fun facts courtesy of wikipedia.

If you have anything left in you on Saturday night then be sure to shake what your mama gave you (that’s your bum, not those ugly porcelain cat ornaments) at Boxylucha’s 4th birthday @ Rumpus Room. Unlike most 4th birthdays, this one will feature funk, soul, breaks and drum and bass being throw at your ear drums by some of Brisbane’s best DJs. Like most 4th birthdays, there will be a lot of shouting and ridiculous clothes, and will possibly culminate in someone vomiting in the bathroom.


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