Brisbane Sounds – The Zoo – Saturday, May 23.


By Alley Crooks

The rocking tunes from Brisbane Sounds could be heard blasting from The Zoo’s windows all the way up Ann St on Saturday night; a sign of just how first-rate Brisbane rock bands are at the moment.

The Zoo wasn’t packed out when I arrived, but the punters who were there were psyched or just really drunk, I’m going to go with a combination of both.  New Jack Ruby’s had heads thrashing with there “fuck yeah, hell yeah, whatever” set.

The entertainment didn’t end with the bands; in between sets I was occupied by some of the aforementioned psyched/really drunk folk, lasses in this case, wolf whistling out the window at leggy, skeletal beings prancing by below.

With a live EP entitled, ‘Yeah I’m Drunk, So What?’ the Vegas Kings really seemed to embody the spirit of the crowd and went off like a kitty sniffing some good catnip.

The Blackwater Fever brought a bit of blues to the night and are a band you might expect would go off down at Byron for Bluesfest.

And now to my highlight of the evening.

Before the next band came on I saw who I assumed was the lead man having a bit of a jump side stage, a bit of a warm up I suspected.  I was quick to discover it was more of a rehearsal for his on-stage antics.  I was also quick to realize that the ‘gentle’ in ‘Gentle Ben and his Sensitive Side,’ is well and truly ironic.  Yes, lead, Ben Corbett, is quite the active fellow but impressive all the same, shrieks and all.  The description of Ben on the band’s Myspace says what probably a lot of us were thinking on Saturday, and that is that “his doom-laden imagery, flailing limbs and impassioned vocal delivery mask a sensitive misunderstood soul.”  Ok, maybe a lot of us were actually thinking that he was kind of crazy, but in a cool way.  They certainly succeeded in perking me up from my dopey state thanks to a dose of Phenergan coursing through my veins.

Along with Screamfeeder and The Mercy Beat, each band also really Brisbanified (yes, it is so a word) the night by each covering a song from another Brisbane band of their choice.

I suspect that the aim of the gig to raise money and awareness for the project to provide exposure for Brisbane bands at an international level was well and truly reached and then some.  I know it’s been a good night when I’m imitating the sound of my ears ringing when I’m trying to get to sleep.  “Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.”

Coming soon: photos of the Bisbane Sounds gig will be up soon so keep an eye open!


One Response to “Brisbane Sounds – The Zoo – Saturday, May 23.”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Awesome review. I wasn’t able to make it but now I feel like I’ve been!

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