Going Batty

The BATS Mag fourth issue launch party is on this weekend

The BATS Mag fourth issue launch party is on this weekend

By Kathleen Calderwood

Attention all underagers and those underage at heart. Sick of missing out on sweet gigs or exhibitions because of your lack of fake id/parents not letting you into the valley at night/abandoning nights out in your old age. Well the five BATS magazine girls have a solution. Their fourth issue launch party is on this weekend at West End. When the girls first started they were quite comfortable awkwardly backing away from the mag if nessacary, but lucky they didn’t, because otherwise we’d be without this great allages saturday arvo event.

The BATS team with Campbell Newman

The BATS team with Campbell Newman

For those unfamiliar with this little xerox miracle, BATS is a free bimonthly mag run by five young ladies covering everything from local bands and obscure book reviews to the disturbing issue of parents having Facebook.

Going from 12 until 5pm, the party is celebrating the release of their Nightmare issue with some good old fashioned fun, including an art and photography exhibition and performances from Idle Cranes, Last Dinosaurs, Comic Sans (the band not the font), Teleprompter and We Were Arks, as well as the Wolfgang DJ’s. If this isn’t enough for you, there’ll also be fairy lights, Bewitched and the opportunity to have your photo taken with Harry Potter (or his cardboard twin at least). If the thought of a statuesque 2D version of HP has you a little bit concerned, one of the BATS Kelsey reassuringly says, “It’s our party… so people can’t judge us.” Most importantly though, it’s all ages. So embrace your inner child and enjoy some youngster fun whilst sipping lemonade.

The Lowdown

Where: Ahimsa House, 26 Horan Street, West End

When: Saturday 30th May 12-5pm

Cost: $10 Website: http://batsmagazine.blogspot.com/

PS. In the unfortunate circumstance that you are unable to attend, you can still pick up a copy at The Outpost, Boxvintage, Ninelives Gallery, Dirtbox or Violent Green, or otherwise you can download it from their website.


One Response to “Going Batty”

  1. bats-charlotte Says:

    this is good
    I like it how kelsey says “it’s our party so people can’t judge us”

    when really, people will be judging us precisely because it’s our party.

    i am

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