Weekend to-do list – June 5 – 7


By Kathleen Calderwood

So it that time of the year, uni students across the city are glued to computers, surfing Facebook in a futile attempt to forget about their pending exams. So, in order to assist my fellow students and reinstall them with some dignity through legitimate forms of procrastination, I have compiled a list of fabulous things to do this coming weekend to celebrate the end of exam prep week and the arrival of exams (oh god). (NOTE: these options are no less fabulous for all the non-students out there).

For those feeling particularly festive, Greenfest is running all weekend, starting at noon on Friday. Put on (for FREE) by the good folks at Brisbane City Council, the line-up includes local pop-folkers Little Scout; Brisbane’s coolest malnourished Europeans, The Hungry Kids of Hungary; psychadelic Perth boys Tame Impala; Tijuana Cartel and the ultimate dreadlock man, Ash Grunwald. And for all those environmentally conscious kids out there, the City Botanic Gardens will be morphing into the  epitome of sustainability, with workshops ranging from organic cooking to blogging plus guest appearance by West End’s beloved Reverse Garbage.

On Saturday, I vote for mosying on over to the Lifeline Bookfest at the Convention Centre for a leisurely perusal of the two million cheapo books on offer. Some are priced as low as 20 cents, so I see no more economical way to expand one’s knowledge whilst simultaneously helping out a good cause. Multitasking – it’s the way of the future.

In the evening, check out the World Press Photo 09 Exhibition at the Powerhouse. The massive photojournalism competition this year received 80,536 entries from over 5,000 professional photographers throughout the world. The images are, no doubt, powerful and profound. Published in some of the world’s most respected publications, each picture has a story, some disturbing, some enlightening and some immensely entertaining.

Brain Banana www.4zzzfm.org.au

After that stick around for some inappropriate giggling at the mercy of the overtly cynical Judith Lucy. Seriously, who could not love her after she donned that sexy Lawn Bowls uniform in Crackerjack. If you haven’t seen that movie, I suggest you also rectify that this weekend.

If  your intentions on Sunday are to pike, instead indulging in a night at home lazing around watching a certain commercial stations bad take off of another commercial stations evening investigative journalism program – bad idea. ‘Why?’ you ask sarcastically in response to my faux patronising tone. Well, 4zzz’s Brain Banana is on and anybody who knows what’s good for them will be there. Among the 30 local, interstate and international acts is Front End Loader, Innasect, Firehouse, Samedi Sound System and Dick Nasty. The night starts at 5pm and it’s sure to be a epic one. It’s on at the Jubilee Hotel, and entry is $10 for Zed subscribers and $18 for non-subs. Our highly trained Zed mathematicians have calculated that to be equivalent to about 50 cents a band, almost as cheap as a book from the bookfest.


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