Bring on the holidays!


study break2I hate this time of year.  Always have.  It used to be because I was freaking out about the 70% exams I was MEANT to have been studying for all semester. Now I’ve graduated it’s even worse, because while I’m free and ready to get out and see the world (well, Brisbane mainly), all my friends are still slaving away.

But pretty soon they’re on holidays – and that’s when we get to actually live our lives again. And I know exactly what we’re going to do to celebrate – Study Break paaaaaartay.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the cool kids from Faster Louder have put together a super awesome show to celebrate the end of uni.  The Dawn Collective, Drawn from Bees and Chloe Turner will be performing a bunch of shows in south-east Queensland.

The Brisbane show will be held 7pm Thursday, June 11 at Barsoma in the Valley.  Tickets are $10 a pop so well worth it!  There’s also a show for the Tbar kids – check out FasterLouder for more info.


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