hunzBy Josh Donellan

Toy balloon described this evenings line up as:
“Dot.AY is 8 bit, we’re 64 bit and Hunz is like Xbox 360.”
Let’s start with the retro gamer kid.

The turn out is a little thin when Dot.AY takes the stage, but this doesn’t stop Alex from throwing himself around his collection of gameboys, samplers and particle accelerators. The Troub is far from the ideal venue for his electronic assault but he puts on a good show regardless.

The last time I saw Toy Balloon they were a two-piece, but there are four people on stage tonight. This means that somehow the toy balloons have doubled in number in just a year. If this rate of expansion continues then by the year 2020 Toy Balloon will have 4 069 members. The mind boggles at the implications of a Toy Balloon army filling the streets with a delicious blend of cowbell laced New Order style indie dance beats. I for one will welcome the dawn of this new vocoder and synth soaked utopian era.

Hunz takes the stage with his trademark humility that is strangely incongruent with the epic electronic wall of sound that he unleashes. Aided by an impressive rhythm section, the trio produce rich and luscious soundscapes that sound like the soundtrack to the greatest science fiction film never made.  The setlist tonight is lifted from Hunz’s brand new album ‘Thoughts that Move’ which is all the more impressive for having been written and recorded in a mere 28 days, just enough time for most rock stars to go through rehab. Hunz has been causing more excitement in the local scene than Justin Timberlake in a high school girls locker room, and its no surprise that more than half the punters here tonight feature in some of Brisbane’s best bands.

The only real question here is why the troub isn’t packed to the rafters with the usual army of hipsters that swarm the gigs of local buzz bands. The only plausible explanation that this psuedomusojounro can come up with is that Hunz doesn’t wear enough ridiculous indie hipster outfits that seem to make the punters slaver. Perhaps Hunz should mimic the outfits from look at this fucking My other suggestion would be that he needs to start a rivalry with another local band to raise his profile. What about Yves Klein Blue? They’re pretty scrawny, and their jeans are tight enough to drastically restrict mobility in a street fight.

But I digress. Hunz delivers in spades tonight. Replicating the complex, layered compositions from ‘thoughts that move’ (available for free from his website) is no mean task. However, the trio translate the soundscapes surprisingly well into a live context, throbbing synth bass lines and precise but powerful drumming form a hypnotic background to Hunz’s impressive vocals and synth symphonies.

Nine thumbs up.


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