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New Programming block starts tonight!

July 31, 2009

Hey guys,

New program block starts midnight tonight. Check out when your favourite shows will be on…timetab;le1

But, if you don’t have superhuman vision, you might want to check the new times out on the stations main webiste.

Happy listening zedsters!


4ZzZ Radiothon: Get Radio Active!

July 30, 2009

Radiothon 2009August 15th to 21st 2009

Are you set to get radio active? Brisbane’s oldest community radio station 4ZzZfm is getting ready for its annual subscription drive, the 4ZzZ Radiothon, and this year, its going to get very active!

Throughout the 34 years of broadcast the station has played a vital part in the careers of many local musicians including big names like The Saints, Powderfinger, The Grates plus many more. (more…)

The Estates, 17 July @ The Zoo

July 24, 2009


By Nils Hay

The Brisbane music scene is alive and kicking hard, and this creates problems; there are a lot of great artists out there and even if I could find a way to give up my day job and devote my life to attending gigs, I still wouldn’t be able to see them all. As with just about everything in our high-on-choice/low-on-time lives, I am forced to pick favourites. (more…)

Brispics: Edward Street, Brisbane

July 21, 2009
Edward Street, Brisbane

Photo by Denver Galea


Shout Out

July 16, 2009

4ZzZfmDon’t forget you have the chance to contribute something to the 4zzz blog!


Gig Guide

July 8, 2009

Ah bugger, it’s my turn this week isn’t it? Ummm, okay, rush job. (more…)

How to start up a buisness with 50 bucks.

July 4, 2009

By Chris Carlaw.


The other day I received a question from one of my new Brisbane friends that was struggling to find work. It went along the lines of ‘Ive got a really cool idea to start a business, but how would I be able to get up and running with limited savings? (more…)