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Ah bugger, it’s my turn this week isn’t it? Ummm, okay, rush job.

Daniel Morcombe poster

Firday night Odysyye & The Daniel Morcombe foundation present Rock for Daniel at the Globe. The Daniel Morcombe Foundation “educate children about personal safety and to raising awareness throughout Australia of the dangers of predatory criminals”, which KATE BRADLEY & THE GOODBYE HORSES , WE ALL WANT TO , ABLAZE WITHSIN, DIRTYBIRD , and CRYSTAL RADIOS reckon is a cause worth supporting.

(As an aside, a mate of mine who worked at a comercial radio station once told me that the acts that you expect to be relaxed and open, the reggae bands or folk artists, were usually the biggest toss pots, sneering at everyone, asking to be shown to the green room ASAP, leaving a mess etc. It was the Satanic thrash metalers, the rockers that were chatty, polite, considerate. Suppose this helps support that theory…)


The Globe, Friday 10 July, Doors open at 8pm
Pre: Students $10+bf / Adults $15+bf
Door: Students $15 / Adults $20

Come Saturday, 4ZzZ’s own Jo from Art to Lunch (12pm Sundays, cough hint cough) hosts Waxing Lyrical at the Powerhouse. Ummm, Cut and copy time from the release: “What makes them tick? Where do they find their muse? What has inspired their most well-known songs? Find out when you join a series of singer-songwriters on the second Saturday of every month. Listen as they play their favourites and then share the stories that lie behind their lyrics and wind their way through their melodies.” Sounds choice!


This weeks guests are Kate Bradley (busy weekend for that woman), Pinky Beecroft (Ex MGF), and  Anthony Dettori of The Sunburys.


Brisbane Powerhouse, Saturady the 11th Jul


enchantmentOver at the Goma, They’re having a free screening of Enchantment, a modern day (Weeeelll, depends on your definintion of modern, it was made in 1921) retelling of Taming of the Shrew, set in New York. It’s got that roaring 20’s style! It’s black and white! It’s Silent with a live accompaniment! It’s Free! What more could a boy/girl/boygirl ask for?


GOMA, Sunday the 12th Jul


PLUG! 4ZzZ & Bar X&Y have a night of, well, everything for you next tuesday. A bunch of Zed related DJ’s are Highjacking the place, along with The Heels and The Narwhals! Can you guess what the cost to you is?X&Y PLUS ZEDweb

X & Y + ZED

Z&Y Bar, Tuesday the 14th Jul

FREE as a bird. Execpt for the one in cages.

Am I done?  I think I am, will throw up extra updates later maybe.


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