Gig Guide Goodness! 03/08/09- 09/08/09


First week of August is full with local and international talent helping my first attempt at gig guide goodness!
Not sure if this one has been mentioned along the wire, but Band Audition Night at the Music Kafe is always an entertaining place to be on the Monday night you refuse to believe the weekend is over.  The Music Kafe (in Boundary Street West End) is a great one for supporting new and local talent with not only Band Audition Night but Open Mic Night on Wednesdays. This Monday night Aislinn and Brementown Musician are auditioning. Not only is fresh music on offer but great food deals as well! Mondays equal $1 Tacos (!!!).
For something a little less g–rated, the Tiger Lillies and their “songs of shockheaded Peter and other gory verses” will be celebrating 20 years of dark and deviant theatrics at the Powerhouse on Tuesday and Wednesday night. The professed pic1Godfathers of the alt- cabaret movement have the reputation of being the most avant-garde band in the world; quite the reputation. It’s weird to think the Tiger Lillies have had Grammy nominations for their album, which sounds both magical and slightly deranged as they mix macabre and punk. No wonder the Powerhouse website has a M15+ content warning. Purely on this basis, I think you will find Tuesday and Wednesday night at the Powerhouse an interesting time to be there- and not that pricey with tickets only $38.00.

For something a little bit more low key and well, daytime, Wednesday is looking good for lunch time entertainment at the Conservatorium of Music in South Band, held by the keyboard department! A ‘smorgasbord’ of musical styles, the con students get together most Wednesday and Thursday lunchtimes in the university semester (you’ll find them in the Ian Hanger Recital Hall) for jams. If you’re in the area, pop on in!
And now for my feature piece of the week- David Copperfield is beginning his national tour in Brisbane this Thursday night. To see the “greatest magician in the world” at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, you are looking at tickets starting at $177.55, and for gold seats you need an extra $ 255.60 lying around. Watch your money disappear! Insert David Copperfield facts! pic 2He is the youngest person ever to be accepted into the American Magicians Association and has his own museum where he collects and preserves magic instruments and artifacts. It’s all very Harry Potter.  Lucky for all of you (rather moneyed) serious punters there a still tickets left for both the 6.30 and 9.30 shows. I hope you all like the picture I chose.

On Friday The Paper Scissors, Sydney four man band, are playing at the Troubadour. YAY! With self-titled EP and album Less Talk More Paper Scissors behind them (as in 2 years ago), they are releasing music once more. Their Howl EP has just recently been released and I have a feeling the show will entail all three musical collaborations.
UntitledBrisbane based MARY TREMBLES is playing at West End’s HiFi this Saturday the 8th. Known for their high energy live performances, the three piece band will be supported by local produce Drawn from Bees, Joel Myles and The Mercy Beat. Should be a good night with tickets only $10 (+bf).

Finally! Sunday! If your all not too knackered from the week’s festivities (because of course you will all obey my every word and attend each and every event I have mentioned), The Inconsoables are playing at 3pm at Rics.


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