PromoShot1By Josh Donellan

Let me begin by saying that this is a show that obstinately defies description or categorisation in much the same way that a fifteen year old girl defies her mother’s requests to ‘ be home by ten, and put on something a little less revealing.’  Fracture’s refusal to exist within one style of performance is unquestionably its defining strength.

The two performers, Gen Trace and Kieran Law, open the show by informally inviting the audience through the back entrance to enter their seats via the stage, which sets the tone for an intimate and unconventional performance.

Fracture centres itself around the emotional and psychological consequences resulting from injury, and whilst this would suggest a bleak and harrowing performance, much like a Fox news broadcast this couldn’t be further from the truth. Fracture runs the full emotional gamut of human experience ranging from hilarity to horror and everything in between. The performance is delivered as a series of vignettes in various performance styles borrowing from Butoh, abstract and conventional theatre. Transverse is a very personal and emotionally intense experience. Gen and Kieran share the stage phenomenally well, playing off each others strengths and showcasing some highly impressive physical theatre that includes somersaults and general acrobatics that leaves no doubt that these stories and the x-rays plastering the walls are authentic.

The intimate setting of the performance serves it well, the show swings from being painfully and uncomfortably honest to whimsically entertaining to abstract and ambiguous and back again. Surprisingly Gen and Kieran manage to deliver this without the overall experience being disjointed or confusing.

Next time I break a limb, I can only pray that the result will be half as poetic as this show.


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