Gig guiiiiide


Hello Brisbane, how are you? Really? That’s nice. Uh-uh, you don’t say? Hey shut up for a second I’ve got to tell you about this week’s gig guide.

Ska TrekLet’s kick off with a little well deserved in-house promo. This THURSDAY night is the only and only SKA TREK, which is guaranteed to be fifteen flavours of radness. Not only is it all ages, it’s also BYO and if that’s not a recipe for shenanigans then I don’t know what is. Features performances from THE WAYNE KEYS SHOW, BRASS RAZOO, EASY STEVE AND THE FIFTY BAGS and THE EXPLETIVES.
The show runs from 6pm – 10pm in the 4zzz car park. Which means you’ll have to park somewhere else, or catch a bus you lazy bastard.

FRIDAY night do something different (it won’t kill you) and check out ‘COALESCE,’ by Sarah Winter and Tess Mallett. According to the blurb I just read: “Coalesce explores the intricate, sensory and associative nature of human experience.” My human experience would be more aptly described as neurotic and insecure than intricate and sensory, but thankfully I’m not part of this performance. The show takes place at The Studio, opposite Woodward Theatre, QUT Kelvin Grove. There are shows at 2pm and 7.30pm on Friday and 7.30pm on Saturday.


This is a free performance, just email with the date and time of the show you wish to see and number of tickets, and they’ll just GIVE you tickets for free, which is my favourite price. That’s two excellent free events in a row! At this rate you can save up and have that shiny new bicycle in no time!

disco ballSATURDAY night head on up to TOP FLOOR on Elizabeth St for the DISCO BALL; a kaleidoscopic collection of art, comedy, theatre and musical performances by local greats such as DJ DASTARDLY KUTS. At just $15, this is another BYO event. This weekend is a cheapskate’s wet dream.

If disco isn’t your style then head to THE ZOO to catch the epic (in the true sense of the word, not how people use it on twitter), uplifting sounds of DECODER RING supported by BRIDEZILLA. Not literally supported of course, BRIDEZILLA don’t pay for their food and busfare, they’re just playing crazy violin-led emotional avant rock in the slot beforehand. The last time I saw Decoder Ring it was quite honestly one of the greatest nights of my life, until they stepped through the crowd and I drunkenly yelled “we’re not worthy, we’re not worthy!” whilst bowing low to the ground. Everyone got covered in buckets of awkward. If you see me doing the same this time, please slap me.

Decoder Ring
Decoder Ring

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