Gig guide!!


The only place you need to go to have a good time this weekend is the backyard. For Brisbane Festival, peeps are lending their backyards to performances in the name of creativity and entertainment. Pear and the Awkward Orchestra are on Friday night at Hamilton, Miguel are performing Saturday night at Yeronga and 10divas follow up on Sunday at Brookfield. So if you’re after something a bit different to the usual local fare, tickets are only $11.50, and you never know, the venue could be just around the corner. Check out the program here!
Blue CarouselBut in case you’re not feeling quite so slovenly this weekend there is a plethora of playful things happening to entertain you. On Thursday night Blue Carousel are playing at the Clubhouse (formally the Corner Bar) at the Empire. They’re being accompanied by Running Guns, Stature::Statue DJs, Surecut Kids and DJ Sensible Decisions. Couldn’t think of a better reason to check out what all the hype is about at this new crazy Clubhouse. It’s only in its second week, so get in before it’s too cool.
Friday is PARK(ing) Day. ‘What is PARK(ing) Day?’ I hear you ask in harmonious unison. Well I’ll tell you. PARK(ing) Day was started in 2005 in San Fran by Rebar. They wanted to reclaim urban spaces so they decided to turn metered parking spots into PARK(ing) spaces: temporary public places. Now, it’s a global event where artists and activists can pick a parking space and turn it into their own public display to “promote creativity, civic engagement, critical thinking, unscripted social interactions, generosity and play.” Brisbane’s got their own website for the day where you can peruse profiles of the parks that have been registered. But if you’re a Brissie citizen who feels the compulsion to reclaim some urban space, I don’t see why you can’t put some money in the meter, set up a beach chair and a blow up pool and invite passers-by to join you for a quick dip.
For Saturday I’m giving you two options of very different persuasions. First up you could check out the Con’s performance of Saul by Handel, which follows the biblical story of Saul and his decline as a great leader (look it up on Wikipedia if you’re intrigued). Anyway, you can get tickets from Qtix starting from $26. Saturday’s the last performance as well, so if it’s something that tickles your fancy, get on the bandwagon and give some talented students your support.

These are not birds

These are not birds

Onto my second option. If you’re looking for a laid back afternoon which will slowly transition into a rowdy night out, this is my pick for you. Starting at 3pm until late, 4zzz and Four Thousand present ‘These are Not Birds.’ Being held at the Boundary Hotel in West End the line-up is sumptuous and satisfying. For the mere cost of $10, or $8 for 4zzz subs, you can check out Secret Birds, To the North, Swamplords, Feathers, Oh Ye Denver Birds, Common Pointless Rage, Mr DNA Sleepwalks and Wil Wagner.
I think that’s enough to tire you kids out thoroughly over the weekend. However, I do hear Beyonce is on at the Brisbane Entertainment centre on Sunday night; that could be worth a look-in.


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