CD Review: The Clean


Mister Pop

PHOTO: TIM SOTERWhat year is it again?



The Clean’s new album “Mister Pop” is a throw back to the days of synthesizers, harmonic licks and circular lyrics. Reminding the listener of The Stone Roses and in a more modern sense The Doves. The Clean have produced a fresh mild album ready for great consumption.

The sticker on the front of the album proclaims “First New Album By New Zealand Pop Legends The Clean In 8 Years”

A lot can change in 8 years, and a lot has.

Early The Clean had a harder edge to it (think The Saints). The sound they created in the early eighties was more in line with the creation of punk. Some of the later work leads towards the sound in “Mister Pop”, but not all the way to the lounge where you will find “Mister Pop”. I’m not sure if fans of their early work will progress to this new album. It has been quite a while between then and now, and if the artists have managed to move to the musical space they now inhabit you would hope that some of their fans have come along for the ride too.

“Are You Really On Drugs?”


Very silky sounds well produced. I would think that being a keyboardist would fit quite well with being adept at a sound desk. The production is subtle yet artfully done, nothing to take away from the sound and plenty to enhance it.

With “Loog” and “Moonjumper” bringing thoughts of Air the album blends together into a melodious experience that is both interesting and sameish.

I was not blown away by the album, but I don’t think that is its intent. I think this album is one that will sit playing all day happily and never cause you pain. It will just sink into your fiber and end up being one of those albums that gets put on when you need to flush your musical filter.

I think I will go out and get some of The Clean’s back catalogue as well.


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