CD Review: Little Lovers


Look Out! Mufha Farkrrz, It’s The

Little LoversEveryone knows that an album cover with T-Rex (or is it Godzilla) shooting flames out of his eyes at robots is going to be tops. This is no exception, but not what is expected. I don’t know about you but flame shooting eyeballs from a large lizard make me think of hard rock or maybe of the Beastie Boys (see Intergalactic video clip) and their doodie rhymes.

What you get, however, is smooth melodic rock. Not expected, but not a disappointment.

Ok, so they are heavily influenced by Custard, but do you really care? Custard was a great band so is sounding like them a bad thing?

I don’t think so.

With songs showing a musical maturity that is not seen in large amounts of today’s post Emo world, this EP gives you that familiar feeling of comfortable couches, daggy jeans and a well loved t-shirt.

Classic sounds that you know but cannot pinpoint lead you to a place where your head is nodding, foot tapping and you are singing along even though you have never heard the songs before.

Good for a Saturday in the backyard with mates and a brew or two. Put the Little Lovers on, sit down and have a long discussion about the nature and origin of belly button fluff, the universe and how the two are connected, or maybe pull out the bocce set. Either or, doesn’t really matter, both would be an excellent accompaniment for this album. Party rock. Simple, yet in such limited supply that you should grab hold of it when ever you find it and encourage it to blossom for as long as it can.

5 songs was not enough and I found myself wishing for more as the CD player once again started spinning the lyrically simple but extremely catchy “Jonathan Richman”.

“Robotz From Hell” is the rock out track on the EP (I can see it going off live), but it does not even come close to scaring your mum. Even dad would listen to this and not tell you to turn it down, he might even want to go to the pub with you to see them play.

But don’t let my talk of family unity put you off. Little Lovers have what should be a CD in your collection, “Look Out! Mufha Farkrrz, It’s The” is an album that will be high on any rotation of any that decide to give it a listen.

It is just too catchy to put down.


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