CD Review: Russell Crawford


Bad Luck

badluckep_130If you like music done by men in turtle neck sweaters and scarves then this is an album for you.

I am not a fan, I admit it. Nothing personnel Russell, but listening to formulaic Pop music is not for me. Just not my cup of Cha.

There are too many people aiming for the popular market, the teen girls who swoon and giggle, the unpopular boy looking for a way to appeal to the fairer sex. The hair cuts, fashion and “Friends” style TV shows.

I just do not understand the thinking behind such formulas. The only reason for them is to make money. Making money is something we all have to do, and I am not having a shot at you Russell, not by any means, your music is the same as most in this genre, but the whole genre does not cut any mustard I have ever encounted

I’m sure there are plenty who will buy this album and love it, but not me. Musically there are too many similarities and too much production. “Rocking 2nd track” liner notes, please. You are correct on one count, it is the 2nd track, but rocking, really. Just because the beat is faster than the other songs on the album by no means make it rocking.

And the bad taste and bad timing of you, liner notes, with your poor reference to Patrick Swayze and the poor version of  “Shes Like The Wind”. Patrick at least understood the longing that this song is about, Russell seems to have missed the emotion behind the song and tried to fit it into his idea of the Pop formula.



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