Drawn from Bees

Photo By Andrew Troy

Photo By Andrew Troy

By Joanna Carson

Big Sound, that fantastic music conference that hit Brisbane a few weeks ago, opened the Valley into the live music precinct I wish it was all year round. Drawn from Bees were the last set at the Globe on Thursday night, the end act for all those who chose to watch them. They followed Bob Evans, who I certainly didn’t think anyone could top, after he jumped off the stage and played his last song right in front of me. But I was literally floored by Drawn From Bees (never a bad time to mention that the Globe’s slanted/carpeted floor is much appreciated). And now I have a new favourite band.

Mythical in appearance, a bit like characters out of Lord of the Rings, this band are professional, confident and sound awesome. Probably because they have had over 10 years experience. Not as DFB, but as Glasshouse, a more introspective and denser collection of sounds. DFB is the Glasshouse makeover, a fresh start with the same members and a very similar sound. But the DFB sound is coke, while Glasshouse is pepsi. DFB is fresher, richer and marketed a hell of a lot better.

Lead singer, Dan, has obvious vocal talent. This is clearer in the live show than the recording, which unfortunately makes his voice sound a lot more generic than it really is. The set list, which dappled in EPs, “The boy and the ocean” and “And the blind shall lead the way” moved with ease through the different soundscapes with harmonic contributions from the whole band. In such an intimate setting, these harmonies were original if not confronting. But the accuracy of notes (which must have taken hours to nail), in particular in “Long tooth setting sun”, set the mood and music off in such a way you couldn’t imagine the song without it.

Regardless, Picture Show was the highlight for me. Cool lyrics include: “only a fool can fall from grace” and “this is mine and I’m never going to let go, everyone else can sleep below”. Oh and they whistle in that song as well. On a different note, I make a point of simply detesting that self-indulgent, electronic interruption bands have a habit of chucking in their songs. You know, turning dials to create annoying sounds. However, I was pleasantly surprised as DFB use this tool sparingly and make it sound warranted.

However, it must be said that second time around my experience was not as enjoyable as the first. Dehydrated as I was, the DFB sound did not transgress well on the day of Sounds of Spring, last Saturday. I’ll be the first to blame the shocking stage positioning- in between two concrete walls in mid morning. The temperature was about 34 degrees and half the lads wore suits. Beauty is pain. But with such a perfect vibe achieved at the Globe, there was no way a sunny day out was going to match their music for me. DFB will forever be red carpets and dark lit lamps. And coke of course, not pepsi.


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