From the eyes of a festival virgin: Sounds of Spring


By Alley Crooks

I have never been to a music festival and been to two live shows in my almost twenty years on this planet. There are many reasons for this, one being I grew up in Bundaberg and it’s a cultural wasteland and since moving to Brisbane I am perpetually broke due to being a uni student. BUT I finally got to see what all the fuss was about on Saturday by going to Sounds of Spring.

I showed up at 12 but before I got in they made me tip out my water bottle which I was very unimpressed about as it said on the back of the ticket you could bring water bottle, I was told later by a friend they changed the rules earlier that morning. So I paid the five bucks for water but I found the tap to refill it later on in the day.

Texas Tea

Texas Tea

The aim was to see Texas Tea at 12 but I missed the first half of their act as I spent the first half an hour wandering around trying to work out where the other stages were. When I found the Time Off Stage Texas Tea had being playing for about twenty minutes but it didn’t matter. I’ve been glued to Texas Tea’s album for the past month so I was really excited to see them and I wasn’t disappointed. They were fantastic live and the Time Off Stage was great, it was in this little grassy area with lots of trees. I went back a few times during the day just to sit under the shade and lie on the grass.

The Trash stage was in a poor place, it was essentially stuck in between two buildings which was a shame as there were some great bands playing there: Mexico City, Hungry Kids of Hungary, Kate Bradley and the Goodbye Horses were my favourites on the Trash stage.

I stayed away from the Triple J big top for most of the day as I didn’t know the bands but I strolled in when Shonen Knife were playing and was completely blown away. Those girls can rock.

I got slightly restless at mid afternoon as I didn’t know any bands playing. I wandered around and saw a giant ballerina and people with what looked like cotton candy hair. There were a line of canvases up against a wall and people were painting. I don’t know who they were or why they were there but the paintings were awesome.

I didn’t discover the Zebra Top until 8 o’clock that night when I accidently wandered in whilst Urthboy were playing. I went nuts and danced around like a loon until they finished. They were a fantastic live act with lots of energy and the crowd responded to it.

The Main Stage

The Main Stage

I essentially avoided the main stage until later in the night when Little Birdie and The Living End were playing. I didn’t really like/know the bands playing and I liked the atmosphere of the smaller stages better.

Besides the music the day was really great, I was either dancing or lying on the grass. I also indulged in a dagwood dog, which I haven’t had for years. The only disappointment was that The Living End only played for 20 minutes due to the dust storm. But they were still excellent for that 20 minutes.

I now see what all the fuss is about and why so many people go to festivals. If I ever manage to be able to afford a ticket again or get another free ticket I will definitely go again. I think everyone should go at least once in their lives even if they have no idea who half the bands are (like me), most likely you will discover some new favourites while you are there.


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