CD Review: Numbers Radio


Acquiring Satellites

Numbers Radio

As soon as the opening track kicks in (“Automatic”) you can hear hit written all over “Acquiring Satellites”. With over drive pedals and lyrical rock harmonies Numbers Radio start their debut album with a rock track that will keep this summer fresh.

 This is an album of the times, the rock factor is there in the grinding and riff driven melodies with singing that matches the high power instrumentation with a laid back melodic delivery. Catchy and one to fill the clubs and venues for the next year.

You can hear the influences in most of the songs, but you just can’t quite put a finger on it. Modern English rock (think Arctic Monkeys) maybe some At The Drive In, maybe even some Jebediah, COG? The list can go on the more you listen to the various tracks. Plenty of influences, but just not so over powering that you sit there and think “Oh these guys are just coping that”. A music pedigree and taste in music that has obviously helped them define who they are. And what they make of these influences is new enough to interest you.

 I enjoyed “Acquiring Satellites” it gets you moving, thinking of writing this review had me singing “Automatic” in the shower. And there are some really killer groves on the album and the live delivery (if the band are tight) should be majestic. And with “Come On” creeping up on you in the middle of the album Numbers Radio have put together an album that you will play all the way through to the end and not just the first four tracks.

 As a place for a band to start this is a good one. As with all bands they will be judged on their live shows and second album. There are lots of bands with good first albums but have faded into the ether. I hope Numbers Radio continue down the path that “Acquiring Satellites” has laid down for them. This album has made me interested enough in them to look out for them when the tour and to be looking for their second album in about a year (as is the norm these days) to see if all the good ideas are used up or if the song writing talent flows deeper than just one album.

 Oh and I love the seventies “Thunderbirds are go” album cover art.


Numbers Radio are performing at The Zoo on Friday October 23rd.

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One Response to “CD Review: Numbers Radio”

  1. Susan Says:

    Yay, this one is my favorite!!! I love it! 😀

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