CD Review: Dark Horse


From Now On

Dark Horse

With massive bass lines and huge riff driven rock Dark Horse are right in my wheel house. I should love these guys, but something is just not quite right.

Its the vocals. They seem to be sung in a key different to the one the band are playing in. Or maybe just slightly out of tune. They grate. And this album has so much that I love in it. Pounding bass lines, a tight rhythm section, rocking riffs, guitar solos, the works. Every thing that just puts me in the mood to whip my head around like a maniac and man-scream at the top of my lungs.

But those vocals are nasty. I can’t get into the music, I can’t let myself relax and rock out because every time the vocals come screeching out I flinch and tense up.

I can’t help it. In trying to reach the high notes the vocals miss and hit a nerve.

Sorry boys. “The Avenue” is just painful and even the opening line of the album on “Right Son” felt wrong. “Apostasy” comes close with only one cringe worthy moment with the rest being a killer track, fantastic guitar solo and ear drum splitting power rock.

I tried lads, I really did. My toe got tapping but I never found the moment in the music. Release it as an instrumental and I might buy it. But those vocals are really killing me.


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