CD Rediscovery: Pre-Shrunk


Sudden Blinding Certainty

ep1preshrunkI was trawling through my CD collection and pulled out Sudden Blinding Certainty by Pre-Shrunk and got funked up all over again.

For those new to Pre-Shrunk the band consisted of two bass players and a drummer. Davage and Dave Morris on bass and Justin Dwyer on drums. (or Thwack as the album puts it) The sound they created was unique.

Now for me, my story with Pre-Shrunk starts in the Heaven night club in Adelaide.

I was there to watch The Cruel Sea, but as with most concerts I turned up about half an hour after doors open and stayed till the night was over. The half an hour delay was a poor choice this night as Pre-Shrunk were already on stage when my mate and I turned up. Heading to the back of the club (about 2 levels higher than the stage) my mate and I got a tasty beverage from the bar and grabbed some rail to watch the band.

They were just finishing up a song as we hit the rail and started on the next track. About 15 minutes later I was bamboozled as they were still pumping out one of the most futuristic hypnotic funk inspired tracks I have heard to this day.

It was the track “Accelerate” and I loved it. I still do.

They followed “Accelerate” with “Decelerate” and I have never had half an hour of music fly by so fast. I was in a trance created wholly by the music. Stunned into complete submission by the new sounds that I was being exposed to.

At the completion of the set I man-screamed as loud as I can and clapped and cheered furiously, then made a B-Line for the merch stand and bought, two I think, EPs that they had on sale at the time.

What these guys created was and still is brilliant.

Funk trance soul pop. Who knows what to call them except cool.

Pre-Shrunk had quite a few EPs and an album or two floating around and all of them had their moments. For those who love the TV series Battlestar Galactica look up “Hot Robots” and feel that Cylon power. (“Too Dangerous for Human Beings.”) The early hit for them was “Sound Pimp” with pumping bass licks and its derogatory lyrics about the music industry. And for all the PS3 and XBox junkies try “***Gamer” and its first person shooter game referances. They did go a bit more pop on their later releases but it is all good.

If you love funk and even pop rock give it a crack. You just might like them.

Their music still stands up today.


Both “Hot Robots” and “Decelerate” are on the Subchakra EP. “Sound Pimp” is on the Triple A Side EP and “***Gamer” is on the Digital Sunrise album.

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