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DEADLINE DAY! Woodford Broadcast!

December 31, 2009


The 4ZzZ Woodford Team: Dan Callaghan, Giordana Caputo, Gemma Snowdon, Emma Carroll, Momoko Nagase, Stephen Stockwell-smith, Ryan Moore

The 4ZzZ Woodford team are running up hills in the rain desperately collecting the final content for our broadcast TODAY!

We go to air at 2pm (Qld time, 3pm daylight savings time) and we’ll bring you all the highlights from the festival on your local community station.

Tune into 4ZzZ on 102.1FM in Brisbane to hear sets from:

 The BordererS, Hungry Kids of Hungary, Emma Dean, Men Wot Sing, Pigeonwing Strings, Angie Hart, Kim Churchill, Richard Perso, Kaki King, Extended Family, LABJACD, Claymore, The Medics, Juke Baritone and the Swampdogs, Round Mountain Girls, Jen Cloher and the Endless Sea, Timothy Carroll, Shellie Morris, Jacob Diefenbach, Mojo Juju and the Snake Oil Merchants, Julez , Indigenous Intrudaz, Afro Dizzi Act  and Khalil Gudaz.

Thanks heaps to the Queensland Folk Federation, The Australian Music Radio Airplay Project and the Community Radio Network for their support! See you again next year:)

Peace lanternsponsor a tree- forrest woodford!sponsor a tree- forrest woodford!

sponsor a tree- forrest woodford!


The Woodford Experience – Part 2

December 31, 2009

The Woodford Folk Festival is much more than a huge offering of musical talent. We’ll continue exploring the weird and wonderful side of the festival by having a look at the goings on inside a circus tent and also at what happens when the sun goes down and someone lights a whole bunch of lanterns.

We’ll be telling these stories with images too, I’m not really sure the Woodford experience can be distilled down to words so you’ll just have to be shown.

Lantern Parade:

On Tuesday evening, the Lantern Parade of The Woodford Folk Festival wound its way throughout the festival site attracting a considerable amount of attention and a small army of followers.

The parade of floats began at the festival entrance and consisted of many wonderful lantern creatures such as flying pigs and a huge mother earth.

Check out the gallery at the bottom of this post for more images.

Circus vs. Sideshow:

The musical stylings of Juke Baritone and the Swampdogs married to some talented circus performers makes for a show not to be missed.

Circus vs. Sideshow is a fast paced, musical gymnastic feat that sees hulahooping, somersaulting, rope climbing and escapism erupt on stage.

But that’s enough words, have a look for yourself, you should know where to find the gallery by now.

The Woodford Experience – Part 1

December 31, 2009

As regular readers of this delightful blog would know, 4ZzZ has a team up at The Woodford Folk Festival working on a live broadcast that will air this very afternoon! As well as delivering the musical pleasures on offer at this festival straight to your wireless, we thought we’d also let you know about some of the other weird and wacky highlights of the Woodford experience.

The Mystery Bus:

The Mystery Bus is a novel idea – those wishing to come on board have absolutely no idea who they will see perform in the intimate ex-Brisbane City Council bus venue.

The bus is barely changed from its original state and the only additions are a black curtain (from behind the mystery act appears) and a rather impressive sound system.

As with all the items featured in the Woodford Experience posts, I won’t bore you with long and complicated explanations, rather I’ll just throw up some pictures for you to browse at your leisure. Head to the bottom of this post to browse the gallery.


As you enter the town of Koo Koo Ka Choo it could be easy to think you’ve left Woodford and ended up in a very bad place. I’m not going to lie, this place really lives up to its name.

Wandering through you pass a hall of mirrors, a general store, a local tavern, a hospital, a dentist, and more.

Now I said before I wouldn’t make you read lots of words, so here are some images that hopefully convey the general mood of this place.

Hope you enjoy gals and guys. Keep your eyes peeled for another ‘Woodford Experience post’ very shortly.


December 30, 2009

Day 3 has kicked off and the weather seems to be holding up. Rain is coming at just the right time, giving an occasional break from the heat, although the earlier, heavier downpours have ensured moshpits are still living up to their name in a literal sense. That hasn’t stopped people from all ages (from the cradle to the retirement home) from dancing their hearts out – at gigs varying from humble folk country trio Hobson’s Choice to acid-tounged rockers The Sins.

And what evil shenanigans did the Zed’s reporters get up to today?
•    Gemma, Giordy and Emma fought over who was their favorite acts while Dan spent the day making all our recordings sound all pretty, working until the wee hours of the morning.
•    Emma G hung out at the Greenhouse with Gen X and Y where they shared their passion for the environment and proved the kids today still care.
•    Jenna journeyed to the red centre with Iwantja Band who have returned to the site after The Dreaming Festival earlier this year.
•    Laura caught John Schumann and the Vagabond Crew at the Muse, where they turned out some old tunes from the Redgum days.
•    Stephen partied into the night with LABJACD, we may never see him again…

WFF FACT: This year marks the 23rd year of the Woodford Folk Festival, the predecessor of which was the Maleny Folk Festival. The town’s showgrounds outgrew the rapidly growing event and organisers soon found the perfect site in Woodford. Maleny again came to public attention in 2004 with widespread protests over the construction of a Woolworths supermarket.

Festival Fashion

December 30, 2009

The Woodford 4zzz media team hit the streets to check out what people were wearing as the weather steamed up…


December 29, 2009

Blogged by Ryan Moore, production assistant

The festival now well and truly has the ball rolling, and crowds seem a lot happier on the second day as the rain lessens and the quantities of fantastic music, exotic food and of course, beer consumed increase. The vibe that Woodford is known so well has wholly arrived.

Here’s what the Zed team got up to throughout the day:

  • Dan met up with blues/jazz outfit Mojo Juju & The Snakeoil Merchants, who managed to fill in the Bazaar in the wee hours of the morning. One of the interesting parts of the band was the variety of the instruments used – including an interesting metal violin-like contraption that made sounds like the instrumentals used in ghost films of yore.
  • Stephen interviewed Freshwater, an all-female group playing at the First Nations venue – formerly known in prior years as the Murri stage.
  • Emma spent some time with the incredibly talented Kaki King (the only female on a Rolling Stone list naming the best guitarist of all time) after her packed gig at the Grande venue and Celtic folk Pigeonwing Strings, a Quebec-Melbourne duo who switch between a wide variety of instruments.
  • Giordy caught up with bluegrass/folk rock group Round Mountain Girls, who have 13 gigs booked between now and the end of January including the brilliantly named Golden Fiddle Awards in Tamworth.
  • Gemma spoke to Extended Family, a kick arse funk jazz outfit who were playing at the Blues and Roots venue, with a huge crowd letting loose and dancing next to the stage, and four young kids even got up with the band. The band’s leading lady, Alice, confided in us that despite the group’s edgy sound, she still is occasionally caught out dancing to Beyonce over breakfast.
  • Laura and Kathleen spoke to former front woman of 90’s darlings Frente!, the much-loved solo songstress Angie Hart.
  • In a hectic day that only ended in the early hours of this morning, we also caught up with Kim Churchill, Emma Dean, Baalo Baajo, Bonjah, Jen Cloher and The Transylvaniacs, as well as fitting in beer time. At least we have our priorities in order.

That’s a wrap for today, make sure you catch our broadcast on New Years Eve between 2 and 4PM QLD time. In addition to 4ZZZ, it will broadcast on several hundred other stations across the country, and streamed online at

WFF FACT: Woodford recently began a water treatment initiative costing over $1million that will see no waste leave the site and the flagship festival’s emissions cut by over 10%.

SPOTTED: John Butler Trio after their Amphitheatre show catching Afrodizziact’s packed gig at the Bazaar.


December 28, 2009

 Blogged by Ryan Moore, production assistant

The cultural melting pot that is Woodford has finally kicked off, and we’ll be here for the duration of the festival leading up to a NYE broadcast airing on 360 stations across the country. And of course, you can catch it on 4ZZZ between 2 and 4PM on December 31.

Anyway, here is what everyone got up to:
• Stephen, our technician, interviewed Jacob Diebenfach, a piano-powered performer from central Queensland who is openly gay. His dark cabaret stylings and storytelling-styled lyrics about how it was to grow up as a minority fascinated Stephen, and Jacob is apparently a really nice guy too.
• Giordy, our program coordinator, spoke to Men Wot Sing, an ocker-styled group of blokes who sing in a choral arrangement. Sound strange? Giordy says they are actually very entertaining and witty performers.
• Gemma, our executive producer, sat down with Sam Cutler, the former manager of the Rolling Stones, who was part of Kerry O’Brien‘s annual Kerry On The Couch event. Sam is well-known to Zedders – his cute puppy is a regular visitor to the 4ZZZ studios, and Sam often tags along too.
• Dan, our producer, chatted with Hungry Kids of Hungary, whom many would know from their presence on the Brisbane music scene, and the aptly-named-for-Woodford-weather Dirt Music Club, who are a old-time, foot-tapping blues and roots band.
• Emma, our executive producer, met Matheson, an alt-country band hailing from Melbourne. Having played with Paul Kelly, Augie March and The Panics, Matheson are well and truly on the path to the success. Although that doesn’t stop their hire car from having an altercation with a wheelie bin…
• And we also caught up with Khalil Gudaz, Mister & Sunbird, Flap! and Tinpan Orange.
• And of course, we all got an adequate drenching in rain, mud and sweat. Fortunately, as everyone knows, beer offsets any level of grumpiness, and a fan we managed to acquire that sounds as though it has the engine of 747 has kept us cool.

That’s all for now, but we will be posting about our shenanigans daily up until NYE when you can tune in between 2 and 4PM on 4ZZZ 102.1FM and across the country to catch all sorts of music goodness.

WFF FACT: The 500 acre eco-friendly space where Woodford is hosted also plays host to The Dreaming and will next year also host Splendour in the Grass for the first time, which has long been held in Byron Bay.


December 28, 2009

Xmas Zed

As the silly season is now upon us, we here at 4ZzZ think it’s time for a holiday! Our Newsroom will be closed from 20th December until 4th January and our offices will be closed from 23rd December to 4th January. But do not worry, your favourite shows will still be airing! Check below for a list of holiday specials brought to you by our lovely announcers.
Don’t forget to vote in the Hot 100. But remember that voting closes on Christmas Eve.

Also, make sure you come to our lovely little picnic held at Orleigh Park West End (the park down by the river). We’ll be BBQing and jamming west-end-style from 2pm-6pm so BYOG and your guitars, tambourines etc and invite your family and friends too! All are welcome!

The Zed team is very excited to finally announce our online payment options for subscriptions and donations! Why not buy someone a subscription for Christmas?

We have PayPal and Credit Card online options so check it all out here.

This is the last Zedletter update for 2009, but we’ll be back next week with a special edition to sum up 2009.