Blogged by Ryan Moore, production assistant

The cultural melting pot that is Woodford has finally kicked off, and we’ll be here for the duration of the festival leading up to a NYE broadcast airing on 360 stations across the country. And of course, you can catch it on 4ZZZ between 2 and 4PM on December 31.

Anyway, here is what everyone got up to:
• Stephen, our technician, interviewed Jacob Diebenfach, a piano-powered performer from central Queensland who is openly gay. His dark cabaret stylings and storytelling-styled lyrics about how it was to grow up as a minority fascinated Stephen, and Jacob is apparently a really nice guy too.
• Giordy, our program coordinator, spoke to Men Wot Sing, an ocker-styled group of blokes who sing in a choral arrangement. Sound strange? Giordy says they are actually very entertaining and witty performers.
• Gemma, our executive producer, sat down with Sam Cutler, the former manager of the Rolling Stones, who was part of Kerry O’Brien‘s annual Kerry On The Couch event. Sam is well-known to Zedders – his cute puppy is a regular visitor to the 4ZZZ studios, and Sam often tags along too.
• Dan, our producer, chatted with Hungry Kids of Hungary, whom many would know from their presence on the Brisbane music scene, and the aptly-named-for-Woodford-weather Dirt Music Club, who are a old-time, foot-tapping blues and roots band.
• Emma, our executive producer, met Matheson, an alt-country band hailing from Melbourne. Having played with Paul Kelly, Augie March and The Panics, Matheson are well and truly on the path to the success. Although that doesn’t stop their hire car from having an altercation with a wheelie bin…
• And we also caught up with Khalil Gudaz, Mister & Sunbird, Flap! and Tinpan Orange.
• And of course, we all got an adequate drenching in rain, mud and sweat. Fortunately, as everyone knows, beer offsets any level of grumpiness, and a fan we managed to acquire that sounds as though it has the engine of 747 has kept us cool.

That’s all for now, but we will be posting about our shenanigans daily up until NYE when you can tune in between 2 and 4PM on 4ZZZ 102.1FM and across the country to catch all sorts of music goodness.

WFF FACT: The 500 acre eco-friendly space where Woodford is hosted also plays host to The Dreaming and will next year also host Splendour in the Grass for the first time, which has long been held in Byron Bay.


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