Blogged by Ryan Moore, production assistant

The festival now well and truly has the ball rolling, and crowds seem a lot happier on the second day as the rain lessens and the quantities of fantastic music, exotic food and of course, beer consumed increase. The vibe that Woodford is known so well has wholly arrived.

Here’s what the Zed team got up to throughout the day:

  • Dan met up with blues/jazz outfit Mojo Juju & The Snakeoil Merchants, who managed to fill in the Bazaar in the wee hours of the morning. One of the interesting parts of the band was the variety of the instruments used – including an interesting metal violin-like contraption that made sounds like the instrumentals used in ghost films of yore.
  • Stephen interviewed Freshwater, an all-female group playing at the First Nations venue – formerly known in prior years as the Murri stage.
  • Emma spent some time with the incredibly talented Kaki King (the only female on a Rolling Stone list naming the best guitarist of all time) after her packed gig at the Grande venue and Celtic folk Pigeonwing Strings, a Quebec-Melbourne duo who switch between a wide variety of instruments.
  • Giordy caught up with bluegrass/folk rock group Round Mountain Girls, who have 13 gigs booked between now and the end of January including the brilliantly named Golden Fiddle Awards in Tamworth.
  • Gemma spoke to Extended Family, a kick arse funk jazz outfit who were playing at the Blues and Roots venue, with a huge crowd letting loose and dancing next to the stage, and four young kids even got up with the band. The band’s leading lady, Alice, confided in us that despite the group’s edgy sound, she still is occasionally caught out dancing to Beyonce over breakfast.
  • Laura and Kathleen spoke to former front woman of 90’s darlings Frente!, the much-loved solo songstress Angie Hart.
  • In a hectic day that only ended in the early hours of this morning, we also caught up with Kim Churchill, Emma Dean, Baalo Baajo, Bonjah, Jen Cloher and The Transylvaniacs, as well as fitting in beer time. At least we have our priorities in order.

That’s a wrap for today, make sure you catch our broadcast on New Years Eve between 2 and 4PM QLD time. In addition to 4ZZZ, it will broadcast on several hundred other stations across the country, and streamed online at 4zzzfm.org.au.

WFF FACT: Woodford recently began a water treatment initiative costing over $1million that will see no waste leave the site and the flagship festival’s emissions cut by over 10%.

SPOTTED: John Butler Trio after their Amphitheatre show catching Afrodizziact’s packed gig at the Bazaar.


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