DEADLINE DAY! Woodford Broadcast!



The 4ZzZ Woodford Team: Dan Callaghan, Giordana Caputo, Gemma Snowdon, Emma Carroll, Momoko Nagase, Stephen Stockwell-smith, Ryan Moore

The 4ZzZ Woodford team are running up hills in the rain desperately collecting the final content for our broadcast TODAY!

We go to air at 2pm (Qld time, 3pm daylight savings time) and we’ll bring you all the highlights from the festival on your local community station.

Tune into 4ZzZ on 102.1FM in Brisbane to hear sets from:

 The BordererS, Hungry Kids of Hungary, Emma Dean, Men Wot Sing, Pigeonwing Strings, Angie Hart, Kim Churchill, Richard Perso, Kaki King, Extended Family, LABJACD, Claymore, The Medics, Juke Baritone and the Swampdogs, Round Mountain Girls, Jen Cloher and the Endless Sea, Timothy Carroll, Shellie Morris, Jacob Diefenbach, Mojo Juju and the Snake Oil Merchants, Julez , Indigenous Intrudaz, Afro Dizzi Act  and Khalil Gudaz.

Thanks heaps to the Queensland Folk Federation, The Australian Music Radio Airplay Project and the Community Radio Network for their support! See you again next year:)

Peace lanternsponsor a tree- forrest woodford!sponsor a tree- forrest woodford!

sponsor a tree- forrest woodford!


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