The Woodford Experience – Part 1


As regular readers of this delightful blog would know, 4ZzZ has a team up at The Woodford Folk Festival working on a live broadcast that will air this very afternoon! As well as delivering the musical pleasures on offer at this festival straight to your wireless, we thought we’d also let you know about some of the other weird and wacky highlights of the Woodford experience.

The Mystery Bus:

The Mystery Bus is a novel idea – those wishing to come on board have absolutely no idea who they will see perform in the intimate ex-Brisbane City Council bus venue.

The bus is barely changed from its original state and the only additions are a black curtain (from behind the mystery act appears) and a rather impressive sound system.

As with all the items featured in the Woodford Experience posts, I won’t bore you with long and complicated explanations, rather I’ll just throw up some pictures for you to browse at your leisure. Head to the bottom of this post to browse the gallery.


As you enter the town of Koo Koo Ka Choo it could be easy to think you’ve left Woodford and ended up in a very bad place. I’m not going to lie, this place really lives up to its name.

Wandering through you pass a hall of mirrors, a general store, a local tavern, a hospital, a dentist, and more.

Now I said before I wouldn’t make you read lots of words, so here are some images that hopefully convey the general mood of this place.

Hope you enjoy gals and guys. Keep your eyes peeled for another ‘Woodford Experience post’ very shortly.


One Response to “The Woodford Experience – Part 1”

  1. Louise Says:

    Hi there,

    Great photos! I was in the disturbia show and I am making a fan site. Would it be OK to use some of your photos? I am happy to put whatever links or credits you would like on the site.



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