The Woodford Experience – Part 2


The Woodford Folk Festival is much more than a huge offering of musical talent. We’ll continue exploring the weird and wonderful side of the festival by having a look at the goings on inside a circus tent and also at what happens when the sun goes down and someone lights a whole bunch of lanterns.

We’ll be telling these stories with images too, I’m not really sure the Woodford experience can be distilled down to words so you’ll just have to be shown.

Lantern Parade:

On Tuesday evening, the Lantern Parade of The Woodford Folk Festival wound its way throughout the festival site attracting a considerable amount of attention and a small army of followers.

The parade of floats began at the festival entrance and consisted of many wonderful lantern creatures such as flying pigs and a huge mother earth.

Check out the gallery at the bottom of this post for more images.

Circus vs. Sideshow:

The musical stylings of Juke Baritone and the Swampdogs married to some talented circus performers makes for a show not to be missed.

Circus vs. Sideshow is a fast paced, musical gymnastic feat that sees hulahooping, somersaulting, rope climbing and escapism erupt on stage.

But that’s enough words, have a look for yourself, you should know where to find the gallery by now.


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