It’s a MONSTER birthday year for Zed – 35 years old in December 2010 and still going from strength-to-strength.

To celebrate, we have ambitious plans to refurbish the grand old lady to keep her young-at-heart and to help build on our community atmosphere. We’re also aiming to make a splash with our ‘Paint The Town Zed’ international competition – with the prize allowing the winning artist to use the front of Zed Towers as a blank canvas to create a new iconic building on the Brisbane landscape. It’s going to be HUGE!

We want as many subscribers, listeners, volunteers, everyone in fact, to send us their memories, anecdotes and old photos of 4ZzZ. Did you have your first kiss with Zed in the background? Did you propose while crooning to Zed? Did 4ZzZ help you to relax after a particularly tough physics exam? Then let us know. We want to hear as many stories as possible. Ask your parents, too!!! Send all your stories to info@4zzzfm.org.au.

And don’t forget – 4ZzZ is YOUR community station. We want you to be part of what we do as we look forward to the next 35 years. Be part of the Zed action…..


The Vaudevillains

The Cribs
The Cribs


On Friday 15th January, head to Rockabilly Psychosis at The Step Inn. Headlining are The Vaudevillains who are joined by Captain Twilight and the Six Shooters, The Sugarshakers and DJ Lori Lee. Tickets are $15 and doors open at 8pm.He Died With a Felafel in his Hand is back by popular demand at the Brisbane Arts Theatre! “Felafel” is a series of grungy, filthy, sordid – and riotiously funny – stories about students, the unemployed, cheats, freaks, geeks, goths, wargamers – and all manner of other social sub-groups that make up the Brisbane share-housing scene. It’s NOT one for landlords! Warning! “Felafel” contains explicit language, and drug and sexual references. Shows run until Friday 15th January, and tickets can be purchased through www.artstheatre.com.au.The Cribs have just released their fourth album, ‘Ignore The Ignorant’, and now they’re coming to Brisbane to show it off! They play at The Zoo on Tuesday 16th February. Tickets are $55.60 and are available from www.oztix.com.au.

2009 hot 100
Hot 100
Thanks to everyone who voted in the 2009 Hot 100. As usual, there were lots of local acts that made it into the chart along with many female arists! Congratulations to all the acts.1 I Heart Hiroshima – Shakeytown
2 Hits, The – Sometimes you just don’t know who your friends are
3 Vegas Kings, the – You’ll never work in this town again
4 I Heart Hiroshima – Pink Frost
5 Texas Tea – Billy
6 Butcher Birds, The – Bare Arms
7 Butcher Birds, The – Millions
8 Flight of the Conchords – Hurt Feelings
9 Drones, the – Your acting’s like the end of the world
10 Texas Tea – Kiss me gently
11 Violent Soho – Muscle Junkie
12 Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the – Heads will roll
13 Gin Club, The – Days
14 No Anchor – Steam
15 An Horse – Camp out
16 Gin Club, the – You, Me and the Sea
17 Vegas Kings, The – Good Soldier
18 Quickening, The – Fantasia Moons
19 CW Stoneking – The love me or die
20 Dizzygotheca – Sky over Israel
21 Star Sludge – She is plural
22 Seaplane – the Soiree
23 Seaplane – Feather
24 Mr Maps – This mess is a place
25 Quickening, the – Of Books and Bells
26 Beards, The – If your Dad doesn’t have a beard, you’ve got two Mums
27 Flight of the Conchords – Carol Brown
28 Secret Birds, The – Asleep on the dragon
29 Jamie T – Sticks and Stones
30 Witch Hats, The – Stomach in your hair
31 Eels, the – Fresh Blood
32 Future of the Left – Arming Eritrea
33 Coalition Crew, the – Cheers
34 Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu – Gurrumul History
35 Hilltop Hoods – Chase that feeling
36 No Anchor – K
37 Toy Balloon – Kids/ New York
38 Kill Devil Hills, The – Cockfighter
39 Lily Allen – F**k you
40 Slug Guts – Cattle Blues
41 Mariachi El Bronx – Sleepwalking
42 Kill Devil Hills, The – It’s easy when you don’t know how
43 Toy Balloon – You’re feeling trapped
44 Bec Plath – Unrequited
45 M. Ward – Rave on
46 Dallas Frasca – I like you better when you’re straight
47 Slug Guts – Deep North Town
48 Hungry Kids of Hungary – Scattered Diamonds
49 Temper Trap, The – Love lost and fader
50 Kate Bradley and the Goodbye Horses – Some storms have names
51 McKisko – How we are
52 Jim Rockfords, The – Dead Man’s Boots
53 Hilltop Hoods – the Hard Road restrung
54 Punxie and the Poison Pens – You’re my Myspace friend
55 Witch Hats, The – Check the centre
56 Yves Klein Blue – Getting Wise
57 My Fiction – Tonight Tonight
58 Felinedown – Magazine Dream
59 Bec Plath – Polka Dots
60 Bloodpoets, The – Borderline
61 Mr Maps – Lifelike Little Soldiers
62 OK Cowboys – Beaudesert
63 Benjamin Dougherty – Zombie Love
64 Horrors, the – Who can say
65 Boat People, The – Born in the 80s
66 Smokestack Orchestra – Dustbowl
67 Jarvis Cocker – Angela
68 Graveyard Train – Boneyard
69 Howling Bells, The – Treasure Hunt
70 New Jack Rubys, the – Baachenwolfe
71 Tame Impala – Desire be, Desire go
72 McKisko – The Hollow Boat
73 Sonic Youth – Sacred Trickster
74 Grand Atlantic – Just another ghost town
75 Pinky Beecroft – My haircut will come back around
76 To the North – We are not ashamed
77 Chocolate Strings, the – Polynesian Flavours
78 Checkered Fist – Life on the line
79 Do the Robot – Just the six (no the five of us)
80 Rational Academy, The – Unsolved Mysteries
81 Tijuana Cartel – Persian
82 Amanda Palmer – Runs in the Family
83 Bertie Blackman – Heart
84 Children Collide – Farewell Rocketship
85 Georgia Potter – They were words
86 Dave Graney – Body Snatcher Blues
87 Chocolate Strings, The – Long Walk
88 Church, The – Deadman’s Hand
89 Medicine Show – Dig Deep
90 Black Mustang – Suzie
91 Sarah Haigh – Hurricane
92 Sarah Haigh – Exit Eden
93 Graveyard Train – Scarecrow
94 Bertie Blackman – Baby Teeth
95 Do the Robot – Europe
96 Rancid – Last one to die
97 Augie March – Lupus
98 MC Lars – Hipster Girl
99 Mess Hall, The – Bell
100 Tijuana Cartel – Skank Tank
reviewsWoodford Woodford Wrap-upSo 4ZzZ’s team of intrepid field reporters have reluctantly returned from their Woodford Folk Festival outside broadcast with lots of interviews and live sets so keep your ears peeled for some exciting Woodford content in the coming weeks.The team was up working on a national broadcast for the Community Radio Network and had the pleasure of catching up with the likes of LABJACD, Hungry Kids of Hungary, Afro Dizzi Act and Mojo Juju. That’s not all though, through the course of the festival the team recorded and interviewed over 40 acts so there are some aural delights to suit every taste.Our broadcast was humbly supported by the Australian Music Radio Airplay Project and was created by dedicated 4ZzZ and 4EB volunteers. Check out more here
blogs Prehistoric Sounds Prehistoric Sounds
The author of Prehistoric Sounds was a hoarder. And we’re happy he was as he regularly posts newspaper and magazine clippings regarding some of rock’s greatest musicians he kept from his youth. Not only do you get snapshots from the past but there’s also a fair bit of history and rather interesting information concerning 4ZzZ.http://prehistoricsounds.blogspot.com/
giveawaysNowhere Boy Nowhere Boy
Imagine John Lennon’s childhood… A lonely teenager, curious and sharp, growing up in the shattered city of Liverpool. Two incredible women clash for his love. Mimi (Kristin Scott-Thomas), the formidable aunt who raised him, and Julia (Anne-Marie Duff), the spirited mother who gave him up. Yearning for a normal family, John (Aaron Johnson) escapes into music. His fledgling genius finds a kindred spirit in the young Paul McCartney. But just as John’s new life begins, the truth about his past leads to a tragedy he would never escape. Poignant and powerful, the untold story of the boy who created The Beatles.
— London Film Festival – Closing Night Film (www.iconmovies.com.au/nowhereboy)Nowhere Boy is in cinemas now.

4ZzZ has 5 double in season passes to giveaway. For your chance to win, hit reply and tell us which Beatles song has been the most commercially successful. Winners must pick up their passes from the station.

Thats all for this week, be sure to check your inbox next Tuesday for the next instalment of Zedletter!
For more information hit www.4zzzfm.org.au


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