CD Reviews: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Super Melody


The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Fruit Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Fruit
Danish duo The Asteroids Galaxy Tour have just released their debut album, Fruit. It’s an aural journey that’s joyful and not easily describable. It blends elements of jazz, soul and funk; of synth and rock. It uses samples and loops to create something utterly unique. Think Hell by the Squirrel Nut Zippers – this album is packed with energy, great vocals, engaging sounds and a fantastic danceability. Highlights of the album are the single “The Golden Age” and the tracks “Crazy” and “Bad Fever”: they will drag your feet out onto the dance floor and will have your head bopping along unconsciously.

Super Melody – Life is Like Glass (EP)
This 7 track EP from ex-Architecture in Helsinki alumnus, James Cecil, revolves around fairly simple electronica. The highlights of this EP are the two tracks: “Tinder Hearted” and “I Want Your Blood”. “Tinder Hearted” has a strong electro pop sound and once you get past the one discordant point in the song, the rest is beautiful. “I Want Your Blood” relies on a strong rhythm built from a solid drumline, repetitive guitar and synth sounds to complement the dark horror edged chorus. “Champagne Glass” (and its two remixes) and “Nervous Energy” are both fairly ambient and unengaging although the remix “Nervous Energy (Thrown Back with the Luxury of Strings)” uses a string counterpoint which really brings the track together. Songs like “Tinder Hearted” and “I Want Your Blood” suggest that the upcoming album Destination Unknown should be an interesting debut.

– Chani Asha


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